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Whalesong - Filth EPWhalesong
Category: Industrial / Metal / Experimental
Album: Filth EP
Stars: 2
Blurb: A repetitive blend of mindless rock guitars, lackluster vocals, and electronica sounds round out this charisma-less project.


Whalesong is a two piece experimental/industrial metal band from Poland whose Filth EP is rather different but boring and seems to lack charisma as well as having a vast bit of repetition that results in very few excitable qualities. The drum machine used here cranks out some interesting industrial sounds, but it’s the same industrial noise for four minutes with nothing at all to offer the listener other than a nice guitar riff for each song’s playtime. The guitar riffs themselves are nice, crunchy, dark, and gritty, but they suffer from the unfortunate circumstance of being paired with weaker instrumental parts and barely noticeable vocals that result in a project that is not user friendly. As well, Filth is a difficult listen and while some may be up to the challenge, others may want to skip this entire selection.

The EP begins, ironically, with “Welcome To,” a song that is ambient and has whale sounds in it, directly segueing into “Dead Planet,” a bland track that has almost unintelligible vocals. While this selection is unique, it isn’t very listenable. “Fallout” begins with a nice guitar section and vocals that can actually be heard and distinguished; however, the first 30 seconds of this song are equal to the song’s entire playtime, aside from a slight rhythm change further into the song. Immediately following is album standout, “Rat King,” which features dual vocals that are somewhat offbeat and the same crunchy, metal guitars as the song preceding it; again different, but a seemingly unfocused effort. Another notable track here is “Filth,” a song that also features dual vocals and a catchy but repetitive guitar riff throughout, while “Baptism in Post Nuclear Acid” sounds like thrash metal mixed with a little industrial, but suffers from vocals that should perhaps have been a bit louder. Album ender “We Are Lost” is an instrumental piece that also has a thrash metal sound and is actually one of the more cohesive efforts by the band. It ends the album on a higher note than any of the other tracks could have.

Whalesong has guts and is willing to experiment, which is an admirable quality. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate into a focused or enjoyable effort here. While the tracks are different, many of the songs sound aimless and the vocals, when present, are nearly indiscernible. The guitars are crunchy and give off an almost garage band feel, but they are often paired with various other sounds that don’t mix well and give the album a bit of an offbeat rhythm. It’s unclear if this is purposeful or coincidental. The problem with the Filth EP is that what it gives in experimentation it lacks in execution, coming across more as different for the sake of being different rather than to make a point. However, if Whalesong continues on its path of experimentation and finds a great way to execute and communicate with the audience, they may find a way to create the stellar, different sound they are searching for.
Track list:

  1. Welcome To
  2. Dead Planet
  3. Fallout
  4. Rat King
  5. Cold Depression
  6. Filth
  7. Baptism in Post Nuclear Acid
  8. Toxic Rains Fall Upon the Earth
  9. We Are Lost

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