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WCP - KhromeWCP
Category: Electro / Alternative / Metal
Album: Khrome
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Though hit or miss, this metal infused electro/rock project achieves success by being hilarious and creatively entertaining.


No one could accuse Wasteful Consumption Patterns – or WCP – of not being ridiculous as the seemingly random subject matter and lyrics show off a dark but lighthearted sense of humor on the album Khrome. DJ Korsperape (yeah, you read that right) fashioned the majority of the project himself with a little help from friends here and there, but ultimately, WCP is his demented brainchild, a brainchild that actually has a strong musical center. The guitars are strong and heavy, the electronics are well placed, and the tracks are catchy, making Khrome an interesting monster to face. There seems to be a grainy audio quality to the recordings and the guitars don’t sound like they were recorded as crisply as they could have been, which both hurts the overall performance of the album and at times make the entire project a difficult listen. Khrome doesn’t kick off on the exactly right track with “Catastrophe” as the audio quality makes for an unbalanced set of guitars and drum patterns along with effected but hard to hear vocals. “Empty the Clips” is actually a well crafted track with a catchy bass and chorus; however, it is a bit plain. “Chainsaw Fucker,” while unorthodox and somewhat entertaining, is a very dry track with a fast paced vocal volley full of obscure violence as the track is rounded out by background vocal samples. You’ll have quite the difficult time not laughing while listening to the groovy bass of “Eat Your Face” as the vocal delivery makes the entire track that much more enjoyable and the jovial tone combined with random guitar breaks keeps it interesting. “Nightmare” has heavier bass guitar and fast paced drums with vocals reminiscent of Marilyn Manson that standout on the album. “What” is another example of a seemingly good track wrapped in bad sound quality and recording that hurts the overall enjoyment of it altogether, a problem that persists throughout Khrome. “I Don’t Care” ends the album on a dark note and actually sounds a slight hair better quality wise than the other tracks and gradually moves to its conclusion very well. Khrome is an unfortunate case for WCP as some tracks are good songs that are bogged down by the weak sound quality – whether a design choice or just a bad case of events, this definitely rips the heart right out of what could be an okay album and puts it within dangerous territory. Despite that, some will look past this to see the sometimes hilarious humor in the vocals and lyrics and raging guitars as well as the various styles mesh on each track.
Track list:

  1. Catastrophe
  2. Empty the Clips
  3. Tattoo (Electric)
  4. Chainsaw Fucker
  5. Eat Your Face
  6. Nightmare
  7. Sheep (Remix)
  8. Logical Progression
  9. What
  10. OMG (W/ ^|SiCk0|^)
  11. Hellsent
  12. Tattoo (Acoustic)
  13. I Don’t Care

WCP MySpace http://www.myspace.com/wastefulconsumptionpatterns
WCP Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WastefulConsumptionPatterns
Intolerance Records Website http://intolerancerecords.com
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