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Warszawa - Kinetica EPWarszawa
Category: Ambient / IDM
Album: Kinetica EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: The lack of ideas and imagination accidentally brings Polish Warszawa closer to the terrifying vacuum of infinite space than it is able to evoke through its musical concepts.


There is a rich if impenetrable history behind Warszawa’s mastermind and his exploits in the broad territories of EBM and experimental electro. Ken Holewczynski’s current minimalistic aesthetic might in fact have little to do with the impulses that led him on the journey towards the ‘80s industrial Mecca, the now defunct WaxTrax!, and the subsequent genesis of his own label.

Kinetica takes some obvious conceptual cues from the highlights of the Soviet space program, but the record’s musical mission is nowhere near as grandiose or celestial. It’s made up of musical fabrics so tinny to the point of being transparent with the variation of subtle glitches and even subtler beats resulting in a strange absence of mood and attachment. The lack of direction is that more apparent since it is not hidden beneath the complexity of layered electronica that Holewczynski consciously abandons in favor of the charms of his ascetic approach. Bleeps and ambient soundscapes fail to build a resonant mood, only vaguely evoking the actual mystifying and exciting nature of space exploration. The EP’s first, and given the attention that it was given with the later remixes, major track “Interkosmos” intertwines occasionally interesting currents of relaxed ambient waves and more intense and noisy whizzes that enliven its closing moments. Still, the whole of the composition never actually takes off and, sadly, neither do the subsequent attempts at reaching the dreamy stratosphere – the overlong and uneventful “Wostock,” the sharper but equally aimless “Spacetime,” and the almost successful “DSCNT” all ultimately fail to realize the potential that they all undeniably posses.

Kinetica is musically not far from the standardized stock lounge ambient that might fill showrooms but could never sustain an audience of devoted enthusiasts and veterans. It is also clever enough to introduce elements and melodies that distinguish it, even if only briefly. Accurate, intentionally restrained, tracks form and sustain a deliberate and glitch-laden formula without annoying or stimulating the listener. Their lasting impact might be extended by the audience’s investment in the IDM tropes, but it will take more from Warszawa to leave a truly lasting impression.
Track list:

  1. Interkosmos
  2. Wostock
  3. Spacetime
  4. DSCNT
  5. Interkosmos (Gulag Mix)
  6. Interkosmos (DPSPCMX)

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