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Warsickle - Call for HelpWarsickle
Category: EBM
Album: Call for Help
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Bland and not particularly dynamic is this remix album where the remixes resemble the original far too much.


Warsickle has been around since 2003 creating brutal electronic music to vibrate and annihilate your favorite dance floor. The new single release, Call for Help looks to help the band continue its reign of terror across every dark disco the world over. A lead in to the future unreleased album, while the single itself isn’t bad, it also isn’t particularly interesting or innovative either. “Call for Help” is dark and has heavy electronics with standard effected vocals and a nice pad section leading to its chorus. However, the track itself is nothing extremely special. The single version has a little more of a screech in its electronics giving it a terrorizing pulse and is filled to the brim with rumbling pads, but still doesn’t fare much better than its predecessor. The Acylum remix is very similar to the single version in that it has the same terror stomp, but it is slower and more menacing at first until it builds up to a faster pace. High pitched and squealing are the electronics of Vhelena Projekt’s remix; however, it isn’t terribly different from the original in general. Original track “Help from Outer Space” is actually the most notable track on the release and is ambient and light at first, but then becomes big, loud, stomping, and crushing everything with heavy bass and catchy synths along the way. Single releases are always difficult as the artist must give the fans something to look forward to without giving away too much. Warsickle could have given a little more here. The remixes are far too similar to each other to warrant a purchase as fans would be better served waiting for the full release. Call for Help can be skipped and if anything, you can download the title track and skip the rest of the offering.
Track list:

  1. Call for Help
  2. Call for Help (Single Version)
  3. Call for Help (Acylum Remix)
  4. Call for Help (Vhelena Projekt)
  5. Call for Help (Hexis Remix)
  6. Help from Outer Space

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