Jun 2014 16

Category: Electronic / Drone / Dark Ambient
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: As glacial in its pace as in its frigid atmosphere, this helping of experimental and droning electronic may not be as tedious as it is simply monotonous and requires perhaps more patience than it deserves.


Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Canadian artist known as VVINTER RAINBOVV is proof positive that Venetian Snares’ Aaron Funk is not the only disconcerting electronic musician to emerge from the frigid municipality. With FVTVRΛ, listeners are treated to an unsettling set of tracks that could very well blow out your speakers if your subwoofers are set too high at the start. From the explosive distorted bass drone and temperate beat that begins with “Evermore,” a twinkle of light synth accompaniment underscoring a heavily manipulated vocal, creating a dreamily mechanical effect, FVTVRΛ is an album that requires perhaps more patience to wade and melt through its icy layers than it is ultimately worth. While each track is not without its share of monotony, most of them taper off before descending into an unbearable tedium… but only barely. Such is the case with “MINOTAVR,” its crawling tempo driven by a throbbing synth pulse and a ghostly and minimalist ambient melody, making for an appropriately glacial track that builds to a tension that doesn’t quite snaps as the chant-like vocals and wobbles of bass close out on a rather pensive note. Similarly, the use of vocoder shifting between faint glimmers of an organic voice and mechanized steel on “FΛDE ΛWΛY” adds to its evocative industrial atmosphere, otherwise comprised of a droning clouds of dissonant pads and a two-note progression, while the title track moves at a languid pace with sharp stabs of samples and arpeggio bass lines with the vocoder providing perhaps the second most abundant example of melody present on the album. It is with “Anyone Who’s Anyone (Will Die)” that FVTVRΛ delivers its most musical and melodic track, with Rob Crooks’ lush tenor dancing amid the shrilly ambient blackness, even offering a slight bit of rapping in the second verse. It would have been nice to hear more of this variety on the rest of the album, especially given the insipid nine minute length of “The Kingdom ov Filth.” Overall, FVTVRΛ is not for all tastes and may struggle to find its audience, even among aficionados of experimental electronics and drone; a meditative audio journey, but one that ultimately lacks the focus of a destination.
Track list:

  1. Evermore
  2. Anyone Who’s Anyone (Will Die) (ft. Rob Crooks)
  4. FΛDE ΛWΛY (ft. Cairns)
  5. The Kingdom ov Filth
  6. FVTVRΛ (ft. Cairns)

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