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Vomito Negro - Fall of an EmpireVomito Negro
Category: EBM
Album: Fall of an Empire
Stars: 3
Blurb: Belgian EBM masters return with an album that pushes the sonic envelope while retaining the group’s original sound.


As originators of the Belgian EBM scene (along with groups such as Front 242 and Suicide Commando), it would be understandable if Vomito Negro decided to call it a day. After all, the band has been recording, releasing, and touring for the better part of 30 years now. But instead of resting on its laurels, Vomito Negro – led by the enigmatic Gin Devo – assembled the troops and pushed forth on the thirteenth album, titled Fall of an Empire.

“Enemy of the State” gets the album started off on the right foot with four-on-the-floor percussion, percolating synths, and ominous sampling warning of death and destruction. While the track doesn’t really present anything new to the EBM landscape, it does prepare listeners for the full on aural assault that awaits them. “Tape-X” ups the BPM and builds the tension until the chorus unleashes a battery of pure synthesizer mayhem, making it sound like the EBM equivalent of a Slayer song. The playful vocal cadence and infectious bass line of “Factory Child” bring down the terror quotient by a margin, if only for a moment, but when “Power on Demand” kicks in, it’s easy to see why Vomito Negro has been around for nearly three decades. The song is a bubbling electronic stew full of crafty synth work and electronic elements reminiscent of early industrial, making it sound nearly timeless but not dated, which is a true achievement in the minimalist world of EBM. The doom drenched rhythm of “Emerging Souls” provides an infectious beat coupled with ethereal backing instrumentation, while “Hollow Heads” procures a much more involved sound and allows for full immersion into the Vomito Negro experience. The sprawling “Machines of Hate” is one of the few missteps on the album. Placed directly in the middle of the record, the nearly nine-minute-long song feels like a distraction from the overall direction of the album and provides a stark juxtaposition from the powerful stomp of the previous tracks. Likewise, the album’s closing track “Fall of an Empire” is a slow burning instrumental that, while enjoyable, could certainly prosper from a bit of editing.

After 30 years in the EBM scene, Vomito Negro continues to impress. The act’s ability to grow with the technological advances and sounds that EBM has gained since inception is immediately apparent, but perhaps more impressive is the group’s ability to keep one foot firmly entrenched in the past. By looking into the future, all while staying true to its roots, Vomito Negro is able to create a sound that few others would be able to achieve. Although Fall of an Empire is a bit longwinded in parts, there is no doubt that fans of EBM will enjoy the new work of one of the scene’s founding acts.
Track list:

  1. Enemy of the State
  2. Tape X
  3. Factory Child
  4. Power on Demand
  5. Machines of Hate
  6. Into Your Eyes
  7. Emerging Souls
  8. Hollow Heads
  9. Fall of an Empire

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