Jun 2011 20

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Category: Industrial
Album: escApe
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: FiXT Remix star Daniel Voicians’ first full-length release is a solidly produced hybrid of industrial rock and contemporary electronic music.


Rising to prominence for his numerous FiXT Remix contest wins for artists like Celldweller and Subkulture, Daniel Voicians’ original work is unsurprisingly well mixed and produced. His first full-length album highlights his ability as an electronic artist while also incorporating strong industrial and hard rock elements. There are chunky guitar riffs and even chunkier breakbeats aplenty, from the industrial rock instrumental “Like Voltage” to the funkier “Restart,” but there’s also enough sonic diversity to keep things interesting. “The Temple” is exotic trance in the vein of latter-day Juno Reactor, complete with Dead Can Dance-flavored vocal samples, while “Surface” is a moody take on tribal techno. It’s in the more conventional song structures that Voicians occasionally falters. “Feeding” is an otherwise solid, hook-fueled electro/rock number marred by the overwrought guest vocals of fellow FiXT Remix stalwart Martin Harp, and “A Great Distance” ruins its moody, piano-driven down-tempo with layered Autotune effects that probably sounded cutting edge at the time but already come across as dated less than a year later. Strangely though, when Voicians leaves vocals as an afterthought, he manages to produce some of his best work, as on “Touch Me Hurt Me,” where the bellowed vocals are barely discernible but nonetheless manage to quadruple the punch of the meaty bass line and gritty guitar loops, and “Orbit,” which lets the vocals take a backseat to the synthesizer hook, giving each the chance to soar. It’s clear from escApe that Voicians is a masterful producer; he just needs a little more time for his songs to catch up with his technical skills.
Track list:

  1. Ensnare
  2. Touch Me Hurt Me
  3. Loner
  4. Tailspin
  5. Like Voltage
  6. Feeding (featuring Martin Harp)
  7. The Temple
  8. Come Closer
  9. A Great Distance
  10. Signs (featuring Joulz)
  11. Restart
  12. Broken Worlds
  13. Orbit
  14. Surface
  15. escApe

Voicians Website http://www.voicians.net
Voicians MySpace http://www.myspace.com/voicians
Voicians Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Voicians
Voicians Twitter http://twitter.com/Voicians
FiXT Website http://www.fixtonline.com
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