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Viscera Drip - SociopathViscera Drip
Category: EBM / Dark Electro
Album: Sociopath
Stars: 2
Blurb: Darkness is filled with horrors on Sociopath and the journey of discovery through its muddled content is potentially a rather terrifying prospect.


Among some of the most tired clichés resides the tendency of industrial artists to source the horror iconography, in itself filled with postmodernist bent on pastiche, to contextualize and channel the violent rage of electro madness. With the first EP, What Demons May Come, mastered by terror EBM pioneer Jasyn Bangert, New Mexican act Viscera Drip proved its guilt in perpetuating this vicious cycle of mimicry. Sociopath occupies the same dark corner but remains overshadowed by bands like God Module, providing the same thrills without the finesse and sense of style that made Bangert’s act a critical success.

Few moments of masochistic content cannot detract from the blatant laziness of this debut. The ominous notes of the opening “Children of the Night” intertwined with slowly decaying marching beats do not hint at the looming assault of uninspired mediocrity. Neither does the adequate build up of “Dead Girls Don’t Tell” that for the good part of its bloated running time sustains the listener’s confidence in Sociopath’s competent execution and vision. But quickly, the thrill of the journey into the heart of terror EBM and the macabre turns sour as Viscera Drip furiously tries to breathe life into the stale and decomposing corpse of its own convention. The more urgent “Murder Addiction” tries to resuscitate the mangled tempo but the electro concoction that it unleashes is pedestrian and muddled by unfocused production. Shrieks of pain will be your own as the tracks begin to torture with some of the most predictable traits – stomping, heavy beats and beeping synths, neither of them capable of breaking the monotony of blunt aggression. Viscera Drip’s technique is solid but pursues genre traits that send them into the band into its own hell of predictability and kills the genuine thrill of rediscovering horror motifs. “Suspiria,” intended as a tribute to Argento’s classic and Goblin’s equally memorable score, occupies the wrong end of horrific, entirely devoid of the haunting atmosphere of the film’s musical theme and laughably occupied by a dated bass line. It’s a shame that among those failed attempts are tracks like “The Worst Way to Go” that manage to channel the spirit and sound of B-movie horror but sadly fail to outweigh the undistinguishable cacophonous mash-up of “Piquerist,” “No Paradise,” or “Pig.”

If Viscera Drip insists on exploiting this niche filled with horrors, the band will be forced to evolve rapidly beyond the tepid EBM arrangements that fill Sociopath and render it so inept. Among the small pleasures that genre purists might encounter, this is an album satisfied with mimicry and the unease that it provokes has only to do with the affiliation with better acts and the opportunities that it blindly ignores.
Track list:

  1. Children of the Night
  2. Dead Girls Don’t Tell
  3. Murder Addiction
  4. Piquerist
  5. Suspiria
  6. No Paradise
  7. You’re Just an Object
  8. Pig
  9. The Worst Way to Go
  10. Kissed by Death
  11. When Mothers Die

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