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Viscera Drip - PsychopathViscera Drip
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Psychopath
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Bringing six years of demented tracks that were forgotten, Viscera Drip reaches into his archives and gives us some frightening pleasure.


Electro/industrial one-man act Viscera Drip brings its own structure of hard hitting sound from a very interesting perspective. J.A. Thiele is the machine that forms Viscera Drip and Psychopath marks what he considers to be the best of his worst, collecting the early never before released material onto one great compilation that showcases raw, and in some cases, stripped down music. It is an album that delves deep into his muse of horror films and literature, which is appropriate given the titles of his songs.

From the first track, “Viscera Drip,” one can easily imagine who has influenced his lyrics and music. This first track’s “Be Dead” holler leads into a maniacal electro/industrial symphony of sound, while on the other side of the spectrum, Thiele strips down his vocal and music for “Choking.” Not choosing to focus on one specific seamless lead from one song to the next emphasizes his potential with both sound and minimal resistance to follow a specific plan. The tracks cover lovelorn and apocalyptic lyrics with a harsh quality of sound that brings back memories of the early ‘90s. Mixed in with this is a certain trip-hop sound on “Mood Swings” and “Took Her Sugar” that shifts your attention to a completely different direction that seems to come out of left field. It does not fit in with the rest of the album and seems more like they should have been left archived.

Viscera Drip chooses to put together a mixture of great dance songs one would like to hear at any club playing obscure industrial songs with good beats and even better lyrics. For an album that did not need any remixing or re-mastering, it is refreshing to hear what the yet unknown artist is compiling for fans of this style of music. With the exception of the last two tracks, this collection keeps on giving as you get further along. If this is the sound of what progress is, one should listen more closely to what will come in the near future.
Track list:

  1. Viscera Drip
  2. Run While You Can
  3. Sex Addiction
  4. Girls Gone Suicide
  5. Smile When People Die
  6. Violence is Golden
  7. Plaisir a Tout Prix
  8. Bloodrinker
  9. Anhedonia
  10. Eat Shit
  11. Choking
  12. Everyone Will Suffer
  13. Fuck With Your Mind
  14. Cadaver (Four-Track Cassette Recording Demo, 2001)
  15. Gone (I Wish You Were Dead Mix)
  16. Excite My Fear
  17. Cruelty and Infidelity
  18. Destroy Yourself (Less Than Worthless Mix)
  19. I Haunt You
  20. Mood Swings
  21. Took Her Sugar

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