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Viscera/// - 2 - As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion of the IViscera///
Category: Experimental/Metal
Album: 2 – As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion of the I
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Leaping between frantic and melodic without a moment’s notice, Viscera/// uses unpredictability as their secret weapon.


With its grinding guitars, frenzied drums, and lots of screaming, Viscera///’s latest effort 2 – As Zeitgeist Becomes Profusion of the I could appear to be nothing more than an ambitious effort by just another experimental dark metal band. But their ability to change gears without warning keeps the sound from going stale.

There are four songs on the album, with an average length of about 11 minutes each. There are few bands that can make an 11 minute song not seem way too long, but strangely, Viscera/// makes it work. It’s all about the variety – just when the super-fast tempo seems to be getting a little old, they switch it up and fall into ballad slowness. Every song runs the gamut from frenetic rage to intellectual introspection, and this combination works.

Viscera/// is an Italian band. One would assume this means they would speak Italian, right? Well, based on the strange, sometimes gibberish English lyrics, it is definitely safe to assume they speak Italian, probably exclusively. Words that attempt to sound deep and meaningful are almost humorous when improperly delivered. In the very first song, “Ballad of Barry L.,” the lyrics read “Have you ever tried to scale your worth? Because I did. Huge estimation mistake before your eyes.” Maybe in Italian, the songwriter is very profound, but those words are just awkward and difficult to understand in broken English. Fortunately, with the lyrics mostly screamed over head-banging guitar riffs, the words don’t really matter.

This album is well put together despite its flaws. With its unpredictable tempo variation and often surprisingly melodic guitars and drums, it’s the kind of music you can turn on and trip out to. As long as you don’t intend to analyze it too deeply, it’s an enjoyable album.

Track list:

  1. Ballad of Barry L.
  2. Hand in Gold
  3. Um ad-Dunia
  4. They Feel Like CO2

Viscera/// Website http://www.viscera.it
Viscera/// MySpace http://www.myspace.com/detestatio
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Consouling Sounds MySpace http://myspace.com/consoulingsounds
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