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Virus Cycle - ZombichristVirus Cycle
Category: Industrial
Album: Zombichrist
Stars: 1
Blurb: Generic songs filled with overused and cliché sound bites make for a lethargic album.


Virus Cycle has a few interesting things going for them; however, they are far from being an act that is recognizable and strong in the scene. The Boston natives created a genre they describe as post-apocalyptic industrial zombie tech. It’s a brilliant description, but unfortunately, not all of these elements combine together to make a marketable product.

The band’s newest release, Zombichrist is eight tracks and 47 minutes long – in other words, the tracks are just too long. The tracks lack personality and a hook to keep the listener interested for the entire duration of the songs. The repetitive beats, guitar riffs, and slowly drawn out vocals give the songs a sluggish pace and leave the listener wanting more. The vocals are haunting and demonic, but are as slow as a zombie’s groan. Virus Cycle’s focus on horror films is overdone as too many sound bites and movie quotes dumb the music down. Had the clips been scaled down, the usage of deranged quotes would have been respectable. But in this case, too much salt ruined the steak. “Love Me to Death” and “Memento Mori” are the strongest tracks on the album. What sets them apart from the rest of the album is a better focused rhythm and a stronger, more organized use of instruments, showing that Virus Cycle possesses some raw talent and a potential that is waiting to be unleashed on the world. Also, the band’s ability to be bilingual by singing in English and one song in German adds some zest to an otherwise lethargic sounding album.

Overall, Zombichrist sounds like a good demo. The production value is low and the songs lack some much needed direction. This is one of those albums that Virus Cycle may look back on and laugh at after the amazing things they accomplish because they absolutely have potential. Unfortunately, that potential hasn’t flourished yet. For generic extended songs that don’t go anywhere and for overused and cliché sound bites that drown most of the album, Zombichrist gets one star.
Track list:

  1. The Dead Hate the Living
  2. Why Don’t You Love Me?
  3. Love Me to Death
  4. From Dusk ‘till Dawn
  5. Kir der Nacht
  6. Memento Mori
  7. Zombichrist
  8. House on Haunted Hill

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