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Virgins O.R Pigeons - Bleed to Lead EPVirgins O.R Pigeons
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: Bleed to Lead EP
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: This Greek band’s comeback from the brink of oblivion packs an uncanny sonic punch and, even more impressively, heralds even greater things on the band’s horizon.


Virgins O.R Pigeons disappeared from the industrial battlefield for six years and with only one album under its belt. The long hard road to the sophomore record Gotta Get Mad might indeed ironically echo the economic struggle of the band’s homeland but the Greek trio is clearly not one to give up. The latest EP introduces two new songs from the upcoming album and within a mere 10 minutes, confirms with all certainty that it’s an LP worth waiting for.

“Bleed to Lead” is constructed with care and precision, not always applied to similar dance floor destined electro stompers. Unlike the dominant nihilistic forms of EBM-laden club extravaganza, Virgins’ new track is bombastic and crisp but also loaded with positive energy, even when it culminates in the dramatic, tragically romantic even, chorus. The entire track is unstoppably rhythmical and memorable, its pumping beats and catchy melodies meant to be played to a massive craving audience. Similarly intense and infectious, “Time to Die” is a shade darker with the beat falling heavily upon the upbeat synth lines, but preserving the fantastic dynamic of the music. While the impact of the two remixes on the quality of the EP is marginal, it is noteworthy that both Universal Trilogy and Christian Cambas offer distinct and largely contrasting flavors to an already excellent track. Beyond the original and reinvigorating version, the listener gets a chance to enjoy “Bleed to Lead” in a low tempo, melancholy makeup, and the escalating techno stylization that stretches the track into a lengthy but appropriately dynamic rave.

With the new EP on constant repeat, you will wait for Gotta Get Mad in nervous anticipation and rightfully so. Bleed to Lead is a prelude to a comeback album equipped in the potential to reinvigorate the entire electro scene through its joyous, straightforward, but flawlessly executed principle. Virgins O.R Pigeons are set to deliver an intense electro storm – tune in, listen, and witness in disbelief as your body frees itself in the frenzied, uncontrollable bounce.
Track list:

  1. Bleed to Lead (I Give Up)
  2. Time to Die
  3. Bleed to Lead (I Give Up) (Universal Trilogy Remix)
  4. Bleed to Lead (I Give Up) (Christian Cambas Remix)

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