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Vigilante - The New Resistance (North American Edition)Vigilante
Category: Industrial
Album: The New Resistance
Stars: 3
Blurb: Despite its plethora of guest stars, this industrial metal album is nothing if not consistent.


Vigilante - The New Resistance (German Edition)On the latest full-length outing from Chilean industrial metal outfit Vigilante, project mastermind Ivan Munoz has enlisted no fewer than a dozen guest performers, but The New Resistance is an extremely consistent offering. Apart from the atmospheric strings and Dope Stars Inc. front man Victor Love’s crooning on “Army of Time,” this is by and large straightforward industrial metal in the vein of KMFDM – all tight but heavy guitar chords backed by squelching synth sequences and furious high-BPM techno beats. It’s very well produced though, and if Munoz and friends haven’t drastically altered the industrial metal landscape, they’ve certainly delivered some hard-hitting tracks. Standouts include “The New Order,” featuring Munoz’s duet with Atari Teenage Riot legend Hanin Elias, “The New World,” which sees Funker Vogt’s Jens Kastel alternating between rapid-fire robotic vocal delivery and actual singing, and “Country,” which utilizes guitarist Jed Simon of heavy metal act Strapping Young Lad for a more hardcore-influenced approach. Less essential are the half-dozen remixes and alternate versions that finish up the album. In particular, “Gone (Army of Time 2.0)” and its hip-hop scratching courtesy of Public Enemy’s DJ Johnny Juice is interesting but feels jarring in the context of the album as a whole. Still, there are some decent remixes, with the Plastic Noise Experience transforming the chugging heaviness of “The New Resistance” into trance-flavored futurism and Feindflug offering up a distorted, minimalist techno version of “The New Order.” Between the original material and the bounty of remixed tracks, The New Resistance offers well over an hour of tight, heavy industrial riffs, thumping electronics, and angry, politically charged lyrics destined to please any fan of KMFDM, Die Krupps, or Front Line Assembly.
Track list:

  1. Intro (The Uprising)
  2. The New Order (feat. Hanin Elias)
  3. Prison Break (feat. Claus Larsen)
  4. Second Chances (feat. Claus Albers of Tyske Ludder)
  5. The New Resistance (feat. Jurgen Engler of Die Krupps)
  6. Our Jihad (feat. Zero Kelvin of Feindflug)
  7. Native Blood (feat. Guido Henning of E-Craft)
  8. The New World (feat. Jens Kastel of Funker Vogt)
  9. Country (feat. Jed Simon of Strapping Young Lad)
  10. Army of Time (feat. Victor Love)
  11. The New Revolution (feat. Rexx Arkana of FGFC820)
  12. The Trap (The New Order 2.0 feat. Michael Hillarup of Birmingham 6)
  13. Gone (Army of Time 2.0 feat. Baard Torstensen of Clawfinger and DJ Johnny Juice of Public Enemy)
  14. Prison Break (FGFC820 Remix)
  15. The New Order (Feindflug Remix)
  16. The New Resistance (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)
  17. Prison Break (Psyborg Corp Remix)

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