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Vigilante - Revolution is Now!Vigilante
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: Revolution is Now!
Stars: 3
Blurb: An army of synths, guitars, stomping drums, and heavy bass swarm your speakers on this remix project.


Ivan Muñoz’s industrial death machine known as Vigilante has been brining war and revolution to the ears of audiences everywhere since 2005 and seeks to continue the conquest with the remix compilation Revolution is Now!. Inviting a group of friends along for the ride, Vigilante offers more of what you you’re most likely used to with this project as a giant bevy of industrial acts take the helm and offer their own spins on various tracks. Hard hitting synths, heavy guitars, and high octane dance beats pile up onto Revolution is Now!, giving it the style that Vigilante fans are accustomed to, though leaving a little to be desired in variety.

The Child from the Crypt remix of “New Order” starts things off with a long and well paced build up of synths that are soon joined by pianos that fit right in among the fuzzy electro bass and drums. The high energy and dark Aktivehate remix of “New World” also has a well put together buildup to the rest of the track that turns into a heavy aggressive track sure to fill dance floors like a warzone and even has some heavy guitar that kicks in with perfect timing to take this track to the next level. Perfect Symmetry’s remix of “Hardcore” sees metal guitar meeting industrial electronica in the middle for a wild battle that ends up combining for a good result so both sides win with no casualties aside from your local dark dance club. The aggressive synthpop styling of the Chile Steel Module mix of “One Good Reason” by Impact Pulse has more synths than you can shake your rifle at and drums that invade your body and force you to move standing out among the other remixes here. “Still Alive” sees the relative newcomers Anthracitic Moths giving the track a very gloomy pad intro that kicks into high gear with laser bass, wild synths, and drums that all mesh very well together. It isn’t all victory on Revolution is Now! as some tracks are throwaway and almost don’t necessarily serve a purpose so they could just as easily have been left off as the project lingers almost a little too long just for remixes. Despite the abundance of tracks, waiting at the end of this album is the Type V Blood remix of “The New Order,” one of the standout performances here that features a hard hitting drumbeat with vicious guitars and lots of electro beeps plus strong bass lines. The same can be said for the remix of “Hardcore” by Terminal Zero, a metal/synth concoction that starts and doesn’t let up until its rampaging bass and guitar destroy your speakers.

There are a wealth of good remixes on Revolution is Now! with the beginning of the album kicking off well, the middle lagging terribly, and the very end giving off a satisfying conclusion. The middle lag does hurt the overall listen and may kill the enjoyment of this one for some, so this one may be only for diehard Vigilante fans. Others looking for something new should skip this one and wait for the next release.
Track list:

  1. New Order (Child from the Crypt RMX)
  2. New World (Aktivehate RMX)
  3. One Good Reason (Ultimate Soldier RMX)
  4. The New Order (Mono Mix by Carphax Files)
  5. Hardcore (RMX by Perfect Symmetry)
  6. One Good Reason (Chile Steel Module Mix by Impact Pulse)
  7. The New World (Diezel Xzaust RMX)
  8. The New World (Totten Mechanismus RMX)
  9. Hardcore (Vocoder Rage Mix by Bleak Freak)
  10. Still Alive (Red-Line RMX)
  11. The New Resistance (Dazzling Malicious RMX)
  12. Still Alive (Anthracitic Moths RMX)
  13. Hardcore (Tatlum RMX)
  14. Hardcore (Terminal Zero RMX)
  15. The New Order (Type V Blood RMX)

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