Oct 2011 12

Vigilante - Army of TimeVigilante
Category: Industrial
Album: Army of Time
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A surprisingly atmospheric single from the Chilean industrial rock act.


The first single from Vigilante’s new album is surprisingly atmospheric, especially given the Chilean project’s usual brand of politically-fueled, tight but heavy industrial metal. Featuring guest vocals from Victor Love of Dope Stars Inc., the song actually compares to Love’s Epochate side project, with slow but epic sounding electric guitars over a thick bed of synthesized orchestral strings and minor-key pianos; it’s less aggressive than moody and cinematic, though no less heavy for that. A remix by Future Trail adds more electronics, the strings sounding more synthesized and the beats more pulsing, but it’s the addition of female backing vocals that really makes it stand out. A live version is less essential, but shows off the band’s tight musical performance with a high quality recording; but for the applause at the end, it’s hard to tell it’s not a studio recording. Also included on the Army of Time single are two exclusive remixes of another album track, “Prison Break.” Project Rotten offers a straightforward industrial metal remix that’s somehow both robotic and raw, while Swiss act Yade provides a fairly standard terror EBM take on the track. With the possible exception of Future Trail’s contribution, the additional tracks on Army of Time seem geared only toward diehard fans of the project, but the title track itself shows off a promising new side to Vigilante’s sound.

Track list:

  1. Army of Time (feat. Victor Love of Dope Stars Inc.)
  2. Army of Time (Future Trail Remix)
  3. Army of Time (Live)
  4. Prison Break (Project Rotten Remix)
  5. Prison Break (Yade Remix)

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