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Victory Pill - The Digital DivideVictory Pill
Category: Electro / Rock
Album: The Digital Divide
Stars: 4
Blurb: Emerging from the shadow of the past, Victory Pill releases a sophomore album that finds them progressing into new sounds and styles and finding their own identity.


Jim Davies has been known since the mid ‘90s for his unique approach to the guitar, not only mixing rock and electronic music with the likes of Pitchshifter and The Prodigy, but also creating tonalities with the instrument on par with its synthesizer counterparts. Releasing the debut Victory Pill album in 2007, Davies along with cohorts Pete Crossman and Kieron Pepper created a style of electrified rock that incorporated elements of techno, drum & bass, and other forms of electronic music perhaps too reminiscent of Davies’ work in his past bands. With this sophomore release, The Digital Divide finds Victory Pill coming into its own and evolving their style as an individual entity.

“Black & White” begins the album with a bang, a blistering song with scorching guitar textures and trippy rhythms that would make The Crystal Method proud. Davies’ distinctly British brogue hits forcefully with a melody that acts as much as an instrument as the guitars and synths, making for a song that wouldn’t be out of place in the soundtrack to one of the Gran Turismo racing games. Other songs like “Aim Low” with its marching beat and ascending guitar flourishes producing a psychedelic effect, “Memento” with its bouncy techno beats and layers of atmospheric synth and guitar noise, and “Wavelength” with its dubstep rhythms and incendiary vocal melodies carry on the mood. In these songs alone, one can hear how the melodic passages and songwriting structures Davies and Crossman have created more effectively balance the electronics with the rock, far surpassing what was heard on the first album.

Another point of evolution for the band is the inclusion of guest performances from Triptaka vocalist Graeme Cornies, whose emotive voice adds a new harmonic dimension to high energy songs like “Burnout” and “Save Yourself.” The same can be said for the slower, almost hip-hop rhythms of “Spit,” Cornies’ voice moving from aggression to introspection effortlessly. The album ends with “Undefeated,” a collaboration with Hounds vocalist/guitarist Olly Burden, adding a heavy but melodic punk vibe that blends perfectly with Victory Pill’s sound.

It’s always a pleasure to see a band evolve, and Victory Pill has certainly made strides in virtually every area since the debut. No longer coming across as an amalgam of Davies’ influence in his previous bands, he and Crossman have crafted a definitive sound that is wholly their own; bringing together the best elements of varying forms of electronica and rock in a cohesive set of music that makes The Digital Divide an extraordinarily dynamic album. At once melodic, catchy, progressive, danceable, and aggressive, Victory Pill proudly stands as one of the current underground scene’s most exciting groups.

Track list:

  1. Black & White
  2. Generation Waste
  3. Burnout (feat. Graeme Cornies)
  4. Aim Low
  5. New Ascendancy
  6. Save Yourself (feat. Graeme Cornies)
  7. Wavelength
  8. Welcome to Our World
  9. Spit (feat. Graeme Cornies)
  10. Memento
  11. Undefeated (feat. Hounds)

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