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Venus in Aries - Burst EPVenus in Aries
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Burst EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: An all too brief introduction to a promising act, balanced by the human equation, a melodic and muscular machine whose existence simply must be perpetuated.


Taking a step back from the most abrasive electro/industrial sound of Anti-Mechanism, David Borsky has taken his skills into a more melodic yet no less mechanical territory with Venus in Aries, fronted by the soulful voice of Verena May. From the onset of the opening title track, Burst makes clear the band’s machine/pop intentions as the metallic clanks of the introductory percussion immediately and quite literally bursts the flood gates open with a simple but muscular, pulsating bass line. May’s voice takes center stage, at first with a seductively restrained quality that, once again, bursts into soaring and emotive layers in the chorus, making for a song that demands repeated listens. “Heart in a Machine” slows down the tempo, but amplifies the intensity as percolating percussive hits flash across the speakers like raindrops, the steely ambience underscoring May’s sultry voice, once again inviting the listener into a darkened realm of mechanized intrigue. When the distorted squeals and howls of synths and May’s impassioned, almost pleading melodies in the chorus hit, one would be hard pressed not to visualize the living organic heart screaming to be released from the steely prison of an automated synthetic shell. Burst concludes with the band’s cover of Nitzer Ebb’s “Let Beauty Loose,” and this writer can think of no song better suited or thematically relevant to Venus in Aries machine/pop sensibilities – aggressively virile and punk-like, as if a machine possessed by the angry spirit of its all-too-human creator. At just under 11 minutes long, the Burst EP is far too brief an introduction to a promising act whose musical strength is only enhanced by the production savvy of Glitch Mode impresario Sean Payne. Venus in Aries has debuted strong with this EP, hinting at greater humanized mechanical wonders to behold on future releases.
Track list:

  1. Burst
  2. Heart in a Machine
  3. Let Beauty Loose

Venus in Aries
Glitch Mode Recordings
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  1. Jeremy Kleyla aka DJ tibin says:

    I’m a DJ in Portland Oregon do you have e any DJ demos or eps?

    • Ilker Yücel says:

      Are you asking ReGen, or are you asking the band covered in this ReView?

      • Jeremy Kleyla aka DJ tibin says:

        I guess both. Metropolis is a label I’m on, and comp, and a couple others throw me singles once and a while. Then when I DJ I keep a set list which is emailed to the labels, as confirmation. So I guess the better question would have been, who do I talk to. Sorry for the drawn out question.

      • Ilker Yücel says:

        Well, if you’re interested in reaching out to the artists for tracks and music that you can feature in your DJ sets, I’d say follow the links on our articles (particularly SoundCloud and Bandcamp, both of which are likely to have a few free downloads). As for ReGen, we are a publication devoted to News, ReViews, InterViews, i.e. press coverage. We do not own the music we feature, nor is it within our purview to hand out the music that is sent to us for coverage.

      • Jeremy Kleyla aka DJ tibin says:

        Understood, thank you for your time.

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