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Venus In Aries - Beyond the VeilVenus In Aries
Category: Electro / Industrial / Rock
Album: Beyond the Veil
Blurb: Coldly metallic atmospheres coupled with sultry and alluring vocals create an erotically mechanized full-length debut from this Glitch Mode band.


Having released the Burst EP in late 2015, Venus In Aries made an all too brief but powerful introduction, with Anti-Mechanism’s David Borsky joining forces with Verena May to deliver a hearty dose of abrasively sensual electro/industrial. Now, the machine has been reconstructed to include several collaborators, culminating in a full-length debut of mechanized cyber-pop that is as insidious as it is alluring. Beyond the Veil pulsates with muscular beats and bass lines that retain a caustic, almost punk-like veneer, with May’s slithering voice as the corrosive icing on the yellowcake uranium bomb that is Venus In Aries.

Every track on Beyond the Veil bristles with the atmosphere of a dark factory manufacturing sexualized androids with murder written into their corrupt programming. One need only listen to the erotic energy of “My Dear Parasite” for proof of this, May’s Portuguese lyrics and sleek vocal harmonization rhythmically intimating a malign intent that resonates amid shrieks of electronic noise and throbbing bass lines. This can also be said of tracks like “Justice” with its scratchy synth sequences and boisterous pads akin to synthwave the vocals taking on a sultry and almost bluesy tone, or the ominously rhythmic and spacious “Pushing It,” its rolling bass lines and trickles of light ambience in the form of an accompanying piano melody creating a sparsely distorted atmosphere that reaches a fever pitch as the chorus warns, “You’re not safe from the shadows that haunt you.” Borsky’s signature penchant for grating and metallic textures is readily apparent in “Severed,” its slowly distorted clanks meshing with vocals overdriven and reverberating beyond lyrical recognition, as well as in the title track wherein feedback, seductive vocals, and scathing electronic noise elicit a vibe akin to Too Dark Park era Skinny Puppy, and in the single “Burst,” its rapid fire sequences and muscular bass, scraping guitars, and infectious dance beats. The punchy, desperate, and in-your-face “Never Enough” would’ve made a great single, while “Heart in a Machine” percolates with steely ambience and percussion, ending Beyond the Veil in an uneasy haze of amplified intensity.

With Borsky’s departure from Venus In Aries, it’s difficult to say where May will take the band in future endeavors as Borsky’s creative marks resound throughout the album. However, co-produced by Glitch Mode impresario Sean Payne and with the added skills of Andrew Tremblay, Beyond the Veil presents a harshly inviting first album that is high on concept and atmosphere. Should the next release provide this level of auditory stimulation, Venus In Aries will undoubtedly remain a force to be reckoned with.
Track list:

  1. Pushing It
  2. Never Enough
  3. My Dear Parasite
  4. Burst
  5. Justice
  6. Beyond the Veil
  7. Severed
  8. Heart in a Machine

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