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Venal Flesh - Remotum Ex Carnis SanctaVenal Flesh
Category: Industrial / Dark Electro
Album: Remotum Ex Carnis Sancta
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Infusing the right amount of melody amid the throngs of mechanical beats and agonized industrial atmospheres, Venal Flesh brings substance back to the harsh electro genre.


While he’s perhaps best known for his darkly mystical brand of industrial infused with occult themes and ethnic textures with Worms of the Earth, Dan Barrett has demonstrated a propensity for musical diversity while sticking to an overarching desire to produce music with substance above the standard fare of the dance floor; from the celestial ambience and IDM of Ghosts in the Clocktower to his collaborations with the likes of Vicious Alliance and It-Clings. With Venal Flesh and its debut album Remotum Ex Carnis Sancta, Barrett embarks on a new journey with a full band that includes Joseph Myers and VanityKills, creating a brand of heavily atmospheric, beat-driven industrial and dark electro that has as much in common with the nightmarish assault of Skinny Puppy as it does with the terror fueled stomp of Suicide Commando or Aslan Faction.

Tracks like “Leprosy” and “Needles” evoke equal parts melancholy and menace, the languid tempo allowing the strident and powerful beats to march right into the listener’s soul as the spacious percolations of grinding bass lines and ambient sequences create a melodic backdrop that is simply infectious. Other tracks like “Dermatome” with its virulent arpeggios and scathing beats and collages of industrialized dread, or the dance floor assault of “Emulgent Disfigurement” with its searing synth leads and ghostly ambient harmonies and “Analgesia” with its pulsating bass throb and twilit sequences offer more rhythmic but no less atmospheric excursions into darkened realms. Gregorian style chants reverberate amid a blackened guttural drone on “Ex Viscera Sanctum” as mournful pianos trickle to the sounds of agonized voices and mechanical miscellanea, making for a surreal audio/visual cornucopia.

One can easily detect traces of Barrett’s style amid the throngs of distorted beats and sublime melodies, while his vocals – an overdriven whispered scream quintessential of terror EBM and harsh electro – add just the right amount of organic brutality to the otherwise synthetic constructions. If not for the thoughtful compositions and clean production, it would be easy for many to dismiss Remotum Ex Carnis Sancta as just another entry in the myriad of releases from similar genre acts. However, Barrett and company do well to infuse some welcome other flavors to make Venal Flesh standout as a return to when harsh electro still held meaning and excitement.
Track list:

  1. Cortege of Impure Flesh
  2. Emulgent Disfigurement
  3. Leprosy
  4. Needles
  5. Perdition (feat. Lexincrypt)
  6. Aegritudo Informis
  7. Dermatome
  8. Analgesia
  9. Ex Viscera Sanctum
  10. Needles (Alt. Mix)

Venal Flesh Website http://venalflesh.blogspot.com
Venal Flesh Facebook https://www.facebook.com/venalflesh
Venal Flesh SoundCloud http://www.soundcloud.com/venalflesh
Venal Flesh Bandcamp http://venalflesh.bandcamp.com
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