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Velvet Acid Christ - MaldireVelvet Acid Christ
Category: Industrial
Album: Maldire
Stars: 3
Blurb: Returning to the all electronic sound of his ‘90s releases, Bryan Erickson produces an album that is powerful, atmospheric, and complex.


In stark contrast to the gothic flavors of his most recent releases, this latest Velvet Acid Christ release sees Bryan Erickson returning to an all electronic sound that’s influenced by his older works but which manages to avoid sounding like a mere rehashing of past glories, thanks to the atmospheric and often complex sonic webs that are the hallmark of the album. This is especially true early on as “Evoke” sets a nicely unsettling feel right from the off, although it’s with the instrumentals that the album really takes off with “Septic Rinse” boasting a nice otherworldly feel that is contrasted by the organic sounding rhythmic backing and “Bend the Sky,” where the harder rhythmic base provides the impetus for a more accessible offering with melodic vocals that contrast with the understated, harsher styles used elsewhere.

For all that, the album isn’t above utilizing many well used industrial staples such as horror film samples, which crop up throughout (although, in fairness, they do enhance the tone of the album). While the antireligious lyrics of “Christ Whore” are nothing new either, it should at least find favor with old school EBM lovers, sounding more like a song about war, given the machine gun samples that form part of the rugged background. On a similar note, “Ominous Rattle” bursts forth with the sort of unrelenting fury that was Leæther Strip’s stock-in-trade, but if it’s an altogether more intriguing danceable offering you’re after, then “Hypercurse,” which sounds like a fusion of ‘90s industrial and ‘70s disco with a distinct Giorgio Moroder influence in the backing sequences, might be a better bet. It’s one of those combinations that sounds like it shouldn’t work but does and it sets the scene for the more up-tempo second half, which sees “Inhale Blood” coming closest to modern EBM styles, building up an impressive head of steam as it goes in a manner that should mean at least some club appreciation. However, as it nears its climax, proceedings take on an altogether more impressionistic tone as “Dream Curse” lives up to its title, evoking the abstract qualities of a nightmare as the chaotic rhythmic cascades underpin more offbeat melodic motifs and Erickson’s spoken voice, which feels like the insistent whisper of the dark side of your soul.

If your preference is for the more acoustic styles of recent VAC albums, then Maldire should perhaps be approached with caution, but those who hanker after the industrial styles of yore should find plenty to love here. That this style does less to expose the limitations of his voice is another plus point while its melodic complexities makes for a worthwhile listen that sees Erickson back in his zone and doing what he does best.
Track list:

  1. Evoked
  2. Septic Rinse
  3. Bend the Sky
  4. Waster
  5. Hypercurse
  6. Ominous Rattle
  7. Maldire
  8. Inhale Blood
  9. Christ Whore
  10. Dream Curse
  11. Mysteric

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