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Veil Veil Vanish
Category: New Wave
Album: Change in the Neon Light
Stars: 4
Blurb: Veil Veil Vanish’s full-length album is captivating and beautiful, full of hope, pain, and dance beats.


San Francisco’s Veil Veil Vanish is well on its way to establishing itself as the modern embodiment of all that was good about the original new wave and alternative bands of the ‘80s. With passionate vocals, poignant lyrics, and danceable melodies that never overpower the songs, you would swear a time machine was involved at some point of the production of Change in the Neon Light.

When alternative and new wave music was beginning to seep into American culture in the ‘80s, it was remarkably different from the hair bands, early rap, and country that dominated the radio stations. It was darker, moodier, more artistic, and brought with it a fashion that went far beyond hair styles and band T-shirts. Veil Veil Vanish has recaptured some of the appeal that many modern alternative, goth, and new wave bands seem to have lost. It’s in the voice as singer Kevin Tecon sings hopefully of cheerless things: detachment, loneliness, longing for love. The Smiths and The Cure knew that pain. The music is a backdrop – creative and never repetitive, it is not the main focus, but the foundation for the vocals. It is a beautiful alliance of sound and emotion.

The first song, the title track is not the strongest on the album and would have been better moved to the middle somewhere. “Anthem for a Doomed Youth,” a very catchy pop/dance song that will stay in your head for days, should have been the first thing a listener would hear. With that as an opener, the listener would be pulled so deeply into the world of Veil Veil Vanish that they would be unable to pull away until after the final Depeche Mode inspired note of “Wilderness.”

Well crafted, and chockfull of old-fashioned new wave goodness, Veil Veil Vanish’s Change in the Neon Light is a must-have for all those who still love the early days of the genre.
Track list:

  1. Change in the Neon Light
  2. Anthem for a Doomed Youth
  3. Exile City
  4. Modern Lust
  5. Pharmaceutical Party Platform
  6. Secondhand Daylight
  7. This is Violet
  8. Detachment
  9. Wilderness

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