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Various Artists - WTII Records Spring 2012 SamplerVarious Artists
Category: Compilations
Album: WTII Records Spring 2012 Sampler
Stars: 3
Blurb: Varied, enjoyable, and entirely free-of-charge introduction to some of WTII’s best and most promising acts.


WTII Records’ sampler for 2012 is a bit of an oddity. It works solidly as a compilation with discernible shifts in tempo and atmosphere, but as a promotional material, it lacks truly memorable moments that would turn an accidental listener into a potential buyer.

Trigger 10d’s “Skies Gone Dark” opens the album on a relaxed, ambient-like note punctuated throughout by sumptuous female vocals that in equal measure seduce and intrigue. Following it, the energetic, poppish remix of Method Cell’s “Scissors” effortlessly extends this value. Mood then shifts to a darker, deeper beat with “Mirage” by Lowe that here, in its extended version, overstays its welcome in a tedious, forced manner, but still diversifies the first half of the compilation without harming its coherency. An undeniable heavy hitter comes in the form of “Intuit” by Stromkern, who return after seven years with the unique blend of danceable industrial and hip-hop that is encoded into the band’s DNA – familiar and yet extremely original. After the lightweight, catchy beats of several of the opening tracks, the compilation transforms into a significantly different showcase of edgier, more aggressive sounds. SMP, Am.Psych, and Stiff Valentine all bring to the table a satisfying grizzly sensibility that puts the entire experience on a higher gear. Stiff Valentine with a remix of “Suicide Execute” could be (and will be) easily mistaken with any of Wayne Static’s ventures into industrial metal and it comes to define the harsh, uncompromising tone of the second half, that is amplified even further by Klutæ’s “I Know It’s Sick but It’s So Much Fun” and the blunt beat of Rein[Forced]’s “Dichotomy.” There are some oddities present on the compilation and they come in the form of playfully ridiculous “Save Dat Mermaid” and closing “Fuck You, I’m Famous,” which has an unmistakeable punk rock identity that seems out of place and leaves the listener perplexed. The Qualia’s “Guess I Lied” also appears as a bit of an intruder with a harmless blend of electronica that, albeit a fitting match to a busy dance floor, fails to find brethren among the rest of the industrial nation.

What you will not receive on this compilation are tracks that remain in their original, not diluted by remixing, form. With the exception of Am.Psych’s “Reasons,” it is then hard to assess to what extent the music here is representative of the final releases and this is one function that this sampler does not fulfil. While the content exclusive to this album will appeal to established fans, those who are looking for the first taste of WTII Records’ artists might leave titillated by solid, well produced material, but confused as to the identity of its multiple creators.
Track list:

  1. Trigger 10d – Skies Gone Dark (Wade Alin RMX)
  2. Method Cell – Scissors (RPS Mix)
  3. Lowe – Mirage (Extended Version)
  4. The Qualia – Guess I Lied (Mister 1234 RMX)
  5. Stromkern – Intuit (Demo Mix)
  6. SMP – Cryonica (Deathproof Mix)
  7. Am.Psych – Reasons
  8. Stiff Valentine – Suicide Execute (Deathproof RMX)
  9. Klutæ – I Know It’s Sick but It’s So Much Fun (Psychopomps RMX)
  10. Rein[Forced] – Dichotomy (Demo Version)
  11. The Gothsicles – Save Dat Mermaid (TBM is SRS EBM Mix by Mangadrive)
  12. Dead on TV – Fuck You, I’m Famous (Single Edit)

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