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Various Artists - This Is What We Call British IndustrialVarious Artists
Category: Compilations / Industrial / Electro / EBM
Album: This Is What We Call British Industrial
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Showcasing all styles of industrial music, from synthpop to hardfloor, this compilation brings together an exciting collection of lesser known British artists.


This chunky two-disc compilation was not only financed by the participating artists but proves that there is indeed a vibrant industrial music scene in the UK. Additionally, the 30 tracks here prove that many of them are willing to mix a greater range of influences into their music rather than sticking slavishly to genre limitations, particularly on the first disc, which ranges from the spiky analog synthpop of Analog Angel and a typically dark offering from Global Citizen, through AlteRed’s more straightforward electro-pop remix (in comparison to their usual Berlin Cabaret style), Futurefrenetic’s likeably straightforward and danceable electro, onto a surprisingly danceable number from Autoclav 1.1, which as it progresses throws in a good mix of melodic and abstract effects that make for an intriguing number. Elsewhere, Albitrax and Cryogenica both bring forth more rock influenced styles with some heavy guitar riffs very much to the fore, a facet that is taken to its ultimate conclusion by Ghost in the Static whose “Another Day” is certain to appeal to all metal lovers.

Another encouraging point is that the legacy of punk is alive and well here through Action Directe, whose “This Is Radio Hell” kicks off the proceedings in a manner not unlike New Model Army or a more radical version of The Clash, but also through History of Guns and Cease2Xist, who mix that legacy with some muscular electro/industrial styles and a real throat-busting performance from front man Dayve Yates. In fact, the vocals are of a uniformly high standard throughout with Death Emitting Diode maintaining that fact with their electro offering “Firewall (Infernal Inferno).” The only real let-down on this disc is Sebastian Komor’s remix of Cybercide’s “Searchlight,” which leaches all the feeling of the original and leaves in its wake a rather anemic attempt at a dance floor filler (they’d have been better off sticking with the original, despite Komor’s marquee value), while Draconic Elimination Project’s experimental “Alice in Bondageland” similarly starts out with some really irritating voice samples, although some of the later snippets do at least raise a smile if nothing else.

The electroheads really come out to play on disc two, starting with the well loved Inertia, whose “Repeat & Follow” has lost none of its infectious qualities for all that it’s almost two years old now, while both Je$us Loves America and Kommand+Kontrol will appeal to old school EBM lovers (the former making some salient points, too!). Electroclash rears its head once more through both Outsight’s “Beneath a Steel Sky” and Mixe1’s “Spark in the Air,” which hits a punk-like note thanks to its spiky sampled guitars, making its mark with another excellent vocalist to boot. On the other hand, Non Bio’s “Beers Monsters” wins no points for its crap title and not many more for the music, which is typically abstract twiddling around on a laptop nonsense. Far better are Kontaminant’s “Fortify,” a nice slice of dark EBM that recalls such German bands as Prager Handgriff and the like, and Sci Fi Mafia’s thrashy industrial style that’s reminiscent of Cultivated Bimbo and their ilk, a thrashiness that System:FX explores to a lesser extent. The poppier end is represented by Terrornation who as the whole thing nears its climax are followed by the slowly unfolding, broodingly dark industrial rock of Xykogen, which in a nutshell emphasizes the variety that this collection contains.

This is a most worthwhile venture as it brings together many promising bands together in one place and proves that there’s more to British industrial than VNV Nation!
Track list:
Disc 1

  1. Action Directe – This Is Radio Hell (Proletarian Jihad Mix)
  2. Albitrax – Collision
  3. AlteRed – Rebuild Rewire (Club Mix)
  4. Analog Angel – How Does It Feel
  5. Autoclav1.1 – Walking Walls
  6. Cease2Xist – I Am Destroyer
  7. Cryogenica – Down With Me
  8. Cybercide – Searchlight (Diode Mix by Sebastian Komor)
  9. Death Emitting Diode – Firewall (Infernal Inferno)
  10. Draconic Elimination Projects – Alice in Bondageland
  11. Flesh Eating Foundation – Seed the Hate (Planted)
  12. Future Frenetic – Live Free
  13. Ghost in the Static – Another Day
  14. Global Citizen – Early Morning Star
  15. History of Guns – I.C.E.

Disc 2

  1. Inertia – Repeat & Follow
  2. Je$us Loves America – We Are Unique
  3. Kommand+Kontrol – Watched by Machines
  4. Kontaminant – Fortify
  5. Mixe1 – Spark in the Air
  6. Non Bio – Beer Monsters
  7. Null White – Underground Revolution
  8. Outsight – Beneath a Steel Sky
  9. Paresis – I’m Not Afraid of You 2.0
  10. Sci Fi Mafia – Justice
  11. Shadow System – Shadow Dancer
  12. System:FX – OverdrivenRMX
  13. Terrornation – X Factory
  14. Xykogen – In Character
  15. ZeroPointZero – Milkteeth

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