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Various Artists - The First WavelengthVarious Artists
Category: Compilations / IDM
Album: The First Wavelength
Stars: 2
Blurb: CRL Studios latest compilation is a stale presentation of the label’s artists.


CRL Studios is a small independent label focusing on more abstract styles of various genres of electronic music. Their download compilation The First Wavelength is a donation based release intended to fund the continuation of releases from the label and its small but growing list of artists. Although none of the musicians presented here come close to approaching household names, they do offer an acceptable amount of different styles and approaches. The First Wavelength is, however, not the best or most useful introduction to this especially underground strain of electronic music.

The collection begins with an underwhelming and esoteric track from Human Error named “Finite.” An instrumental track of a somewhat serene nature, “Finite” is an innocuous introductory piece that sets the tone for the first half of the record, belying the more disruptive and assailing songs that appear. The first few tracks that follow “Finite” meander in equally shapeless and repetitive territory. The First Wavelength takes a more interesting turn with Zygadenus Elegans’ “Occultation,” a track that takes a considerably less minimal approach while implementing more distinct beats and structure. From there, the collection devolves into a noisier and grating realm that nearly becomes the yin to the record’s first portion yang. The final third of the collection bounces around more commonly heard styles, from drum & bass to harsh experimental.

Even though many of the acts here do show some promise and certainly a fair degree of talent, this collection doesn’t properly showcase what they’re truly capable of. None of the tracks especially stand out, and in some cases, the artists are so similar that it’s impossible to distinguish them from others on the release. While The First Wavelength is perfect for background music, it doesn’t deserve assiduous attention.

Track list:

  1. Human Error – Finite
  2. Low – The Golden Dross
  3. Tokee – Coma
  4. Stranger Dreams – My Mark On You
  5. Zygadenus Elegans – Occultation
  6. Tapage – Solitary Polyp
  7. Randomform – Advec Room
  8. Angel of Violence – Circuit Board Messiah
  9. Pig Fat – Dis_gust
  10. Full System Failure – Guilt Complex II
  11. Valvegod – Soulkeeper
  12. The Plastic Eulogy – Eviscariot
  13. Worms of the Earth – Nimajjati (Passing Through the Deep II)
  14. Nereus – Asymmetric Tremor
  15. Mangadrive – Bring It
  16. Iammynewt – Ven0m
  17. Sinsect – Frankie Says
  18. A Field of Black Orchids – Nae Me Me
  19. Lexincrypt – I Think I’d Like to Die Now
  20. Iammynewt vs. Skullduggery – Inhumane Aesthetics
  21. Chemical Down – Factory
  22. Coma Music – The Way

CRL Studios Website http://www.crlstudio.com
CRL Studios MySpace http://www.myspace.com/crlstudios
CRL Studios Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/CRL-Studios/120456934637781
CRL Studios BandCamp http://crlstudios.bandcamp.com


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