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Various Artists
Category: Electronica / Compilations
Album: Severed Digit Recordings: D-Trash Underground Series Volume II
Stars: 1
Blurb: A collection of lowbrow and amateurish work that utterly disgraces the realm of electronic music.


Severed Digit Recordings and D-Trash Records have teamed up to offer this lengthy free compilation that traipses across a variety of the newer electronic dance subgenres. As these various artists present their takes on dubstep, breakcore, IDM, and noise, it quickly becomes apparent that this compilation has really scraped the bottom of the barrel and filled this album with cookie-cutter acts that only manage to stand out by how successful they are at annoying the listener.

This compilation exemplifies thuggish, lowbrow, vapid and mind-numbing composition broken up by sloppily looped sampling hooks and played out over processed beats. As the album plays, the inanity of each track becomes more and more stunning until it finally reaches a boiling point that will leave many a listener sprinting to the stop button. Tracks like PBF’s “Exits” cater to short attention spans as its frequent and arbitrary changes in style and hooks act like an entire DJ set condensed into a five-minute track. Lodestar Supernumerary’s “The Price is Wrong” insults the listener with the utter lack of creativity or effort shown in looping the theme to The Price is Right and slapping some breaks, beats, and looped samples on top of it. There’s also work like Echodolo’s “I Can’t Win” and Knar’s “Keep It Real 95” that feel like more of a regurgitation of mid-’90s gabber style than recycling of it, offering nothing new or interesting other than a messier presentation and Holzkopf’s “Gone” leaves the listener in absolute disbelief that it could be anything other than a joke with how ridiculously awful its sound mix, structure, and vocals are. With a compilation with so many tracks, one would hope for a least one bright spot, one ray of sunshine in a miserable day, one breath of fresh air, but amazingly there is none. At its best, this compilation is bland and forgettable, and at its worst, one only finds misery that such a thing would ever be recorded and published.

This compilation largely consists of offensively bad and trashy dance music with little or no artistic value. For every artist who advances electronic music to new heights and shows it to be an art form worthy of respect, there are albums such as this that dash those efforts to the ground and make it looks like worthless noise. If this is the “underground,” let us all hope that these artists stay underground so they don’t do any further damage to the reputation of electronic music.
Track list:
Disc 1

  1. ZarA – I’ll Be There
  2. JonBob – Pop It Like a Zit
  3. PBF – Exits
  4. Producer Snafu – Black Out (Checkin Niggas Chins)
  5. Echodolo – 90 Bucks
  6. Mindkontrolultra – Arc Fault
  7. Knar – 501
  8. Short Circuit – Brainrot
  9. Y2lhen – Cosmic Ocean
  10. Holzkopf – Gone
  11. Lodestar Supernumerary – The Price is Wrong

Disc 2

  1. JonBob – Jtaime
  2. Monsta Noodle – Destroying Town Having a Laugh
  3. Lodestar Supernumerary – Love and Discord + Shaun is Dead
  4. Y2lhen – You Leave Me Empty Like a Dead Pixel
  5. ZarA – Roots
  6. Holzkopf – Tuna Fish
  7. Mindkontrolultra – Burn to This
  8. Ehafh – Good Morning Scenario
  9. Brandy Alexander – Don’t Gimme That Shit, Just Gimme the Shit
  10. PBF – Faile
  11. Twice19 – Amsterdam Darkone
  12. Knar – Keep It Real 95
  13. Producer Snafu – Heavy Metal
  14. Echodolo – I Can’t Win
  15. Short Circuit – Cruel Nintentions

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