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Various Artists - Remixen: 20 Years of Hardcore Industrial StrengthVarious Artists
Category: Compilations / Industrial / Hardcore
Album: Remixen: 20 Years of Hardcore Industrial Strength
Stars: 3
Blurb: Celebrating over two decades of distorted electronic madness, Industrial Strength Records unveils a compilation certain to make ears bleed and heads roll.


While hardcore music most often refers to some grittier, more aggressive offshoot of punk and heavy metal, or as an oft-used buzz word to indicate the extremity of any style with which it is attached, the hardcore electronic style is a completely different animal. Founded in 1991, Industrial Strength Records is heralded as the world’s first hardcore label, specializing in those styles of distorted techno and noisy industrial often too brutal on the speakers and eardrums for mass consumption, but appealing to a very specialized audience voracious enough to feed on synthesized harshness. DJ Lenny Dee – the label’s founder – now celebrates two decades of madness with Remixen: 20 Years of Hardcore Industrial Strength, exhibiting the label’s legacy with a blistering display of guttural electro, techno, and industrial.

Starting off the proceedings is the Manu Le Malin remix of Marc Arcadipane’s “We Have Arrived,” the first 12-inch record released by the label, although to hear the layers of scathing electronics and forceful percussion attacks, one would be hard pressed to imagine this track is as old as it is, making it exemplary of the labels’ pioneering spirit. Throughout the two discs presented on Remixen, the listener is treated to a viciously erratic and violently eccentric mix, from the pummeling rhythms giving way to catchy trancelike bass lines on AZHC AllStars’ remix of Temper Tantrum’s “Industrial Strength” or the rapid fire break rhythms and sweeping electronics of the Hellfish & Producer remix of “Utopia Project” by Strychnine, to the incendiary gabber and overdriven techno of ISR Live, Lenny Dee & DJ Gizmo’s appropriately titled “Muthafuckin’ Drum Machine,” and UVC’s “Death Is…,” all bearing the texture of something akin to electrified thrash drenched in battery acid. Further corroded atmospheres can be found in such tracks as the Ophidian Rx version of Lenny Dee’s “Forgotten Moments,” wrought with melodic arpeggios and angelic vocals that underscore the thunderous rhythms, or the mechanical stutters and clatters of Manga Corps’ “The Hunter,” while Satronica’s “Life Blood Pain Death” is sure to make more than a few eardrums bleed with fervor and fury. Other tracks like Jappo & Lancinhouse’s “EXLXAXL,” Tymon’s “Now Who’s Laughing,” and “Sex Fiends” by Dirty Fingers Licked do well to incorporate hip-hop vocal samples that accentuate the rhythmic qualities of the music, enabling the listener to listen past the corrosion and the distortion and hear the inherently primal, powerful percussive force that drives the genre.

Given the extremity of texture and the harshness of atmosphere on Remixen: 20 Years of Hardcore Industrial Strength, it’s fair to say that this compilation will not appeal to all tastes, for no matter the level of aggression present across these two discs, even the most hardened rivethead will find it to be an endurance test. Ears will bleed and heads will roll by the end of this compilation’s runtime, making it an exercise in only the harshest and most scorching of underground musical styles. And yet, for all of its virulence, Remixen delivers on the Industrial Strength Records label’s promise to expose listeners to the most penetrating and powerful of untapped electronic genres. Get ready for the onslaught, for with this compilation does Industrial Strength Records make it clear that these last two decades have simply been the tip of the iceberg. You’ve been warned.
Track list:
Disc 1

  1. Marc Arcadipane – We Have Arrived (Manu Le Malin)
  2. Lenny Dee – Fuckin’ Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix)
  3. Stormtrooper – 20 Years of Aural Butchering
  4. Temper Tantrum – Industrial Strength (AZHC AllStars Remix)
  5. Lenny Dee & DJ Gizmo – Muthafuckin’ Drum Machine (DJ Gizmo 2012 Remix)
  6. Wavelan – It Will Stand (r_AW Built in One Day Mix)
  7. Temper Tantrum – The Underground Anthem (Tymon Remix)
  8. DJ Skinhead – Extreme Terror (Neophyte Remix)
  9. Disciples of Annihilation – Wanna be a Gangsta (Akira Brooklyn Annihilation Remix)
  10. ISR Live – Nasen Mash
  11. Strychnine – Utopia Project (Hellfish & Producer Remix)
  12. ISR Live – DOA Mash
  13. UVC – Death Is… (Tieum Remix)
  14. Nasenbluten – Feeling Shit (Drokz Remix)
  15. ISR Live – Speecore Mash

Disc 2

  1. Lenny Dee – Forgotten Moments (Ophidian Rx Re-Edit)
  2. Tymon – Gucci (I:Got Remix)
  3. Manga Corps – The Hunter (Manga Corps Remix)
  4. English Muffin – Should Have been Smarter (Abraxas & Flamman Remix)
  5. Satronica – Life Blood Pain Death (Tymon Remix)
  6. English Muffin – Blood of an English Muffin (Attic & Acesome Remix)
  7. Mind Candy – I Am Going Mad (Stormtrooper’s Insanity Mix)
  8. Jappo & Lancinhouse – EXLCACL (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix)
  9. Lenny Dee – Tranzformer (Attic & Acesome Remix)
  10. Lenny Dee – The Dreamer (Buzz Fuzz Remix)
  11. Tymon – Now Who’s Laughing (Negative A Remix)
  12. Delta 9 – No More Regrets (Delta 9 & Lenny Dee Chicago Mix)
  13. FUHD – Koncrete Jungle (FUHD Re-Edit)
  14. Dirty Fingers Licked – Sex Fiends (Lenny Dee Mix)
  15. DJ Skinhead – At War Again (Promo Remix)

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