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Various Artists - Mind Plug Records CompilationVarious Artists
Category: Compilations / Ambient
Album: Mind Plug Records Compilation
Stars: 2
Blurb: Fans of ambient may like this mystical take on the genre, but probably won’t convert non-ambient fans.


Like many record label compilations, this collection of “mystical, obscure, meditative, and noisy tunes” from Mind Plug Records is a mixed bag. It goes from the best the ambient genre has to offer to the worst, sometimes within the range of a single track.

Subterrestrial’s “Vikingsholm” is the highlight of this compilation. A soft, light piano with a mournful woodwind combine to create a palpably melancholy mood. Siamgda’s “Caravan Celebration” is another bright spot on which a deep fuzzy synth and a soft looping synth in the background blend well with intermittent squealing horn sounds. The different sounds blend well together, creating a track that captures the attention and maintains it, unlike most spots on the album. Some of the other tracks, while offering interesting sounds or good core melodies, drag to the point where they lose their effect. Neti Neti’s “Lime Haze” starts out well with heavy drums and heavy synth mixing together in a hazy melody befitting the track’s title, but it quickly devolves into a wall of fuzz with no nuance.

Then there are other tracks that are not memorable at all, like the closer, Seetyca’s “Swamp Temple Sun,” which goes on for over 10 minutes with barely audible synths and a soft, thudding drum. Subterrestrial, despite the striking earlier offering, also contributes the very dull “High Sierra Breeze,” which consists of an airy background and a plinking synth that drags out over seven minutes.

Mind Plug Records offers a fairly standard compilation in an acquired taste genre. There are a few bright spots, but for the most part, the contributions are forgettable.
Track list:

  1. Siamgda – Andrumeda
  2. Subterrestrial – Vikingsholm
  3. Siamgda – Mind Rotation
  4. Siamgda feat. Morty – Shanti Riders
  5. Neti Neti – Annapurna Pavement
  6. Mikans – The Way Back
  7. Siamgda – Caravan Celebration
  8. Neti Neti – Lime Haze
  9. Subterrestrial – High Sierra Breeze
  10. Siamgda feat. Morty – Jai Namo
  11. Mikans – Spacefall
  12. Siamgda – Paan Mouth
  13. Seetyca – Swamp Temple Sun

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