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Various Artists - Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act VI]Various Artists
Category: Compilations / Industrial / EBM
Album: Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act VI]
Stars: 4
Blurb: The mother load of industrial music compilations rips into your ears and stereos with more vicious beats than you can shake yourself at, rumbling, stomping, and destroying everything in its path.


Alfa Matrix is an industrial powerhouse label and houses some of the best and brightest of the genre. Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act VI] puts together those groups for a massive collection of tracks that are sure to rip into your dance floors, speakers, and deep into your mind for years to come as the collection is gargantuan and a whopping four discs long. Well known acts such as Combichrist, Aesthetic Perfection, Grendel, and God Module are housed next to newer bands such as X-Rx, Shiv-R, Diffuzion, and a host of others that will make your head spin and explode throughout this collection of dream industrial dance night tracks.

Each disc comes with its own highlights and downfalls beginning with disc one, which opens up with the deathly electric bass of Patenbrigade: Wolf’s “Schallplattenunterhalter,” setting the stage for the industrial stomping to come. Disc one is home to several beastly tracks such as Pre:Emptive Strike 0.1’s rework of Cynical Existence’s “I’m Broken” with dark synths, heavy bass, and vicious growling vocals, the iVardensphere remix of Aesthetic Perfection’s “Inhuman,” which stars off with a childlike melody that transforms into some strong dark electronics, and Acylum’s heavy noise march of “Black Rose.” Ultimately, disc one breathes life into this giant industrial death machine that is Endzeit and prepares you for what is later to come on the other discs. Disc two kicked open similarly to disc one with the aptly title and cleverly created “Open Window” from Noisuf-X, which reworks the jingle that plays when you open your computer into a dancing war on the ears. High profile entrant Combichrist gives “Throat Full of Glass” by way of S.A.M.’s Tough Guy mix from the band’s last album, a track whose noise takes disc two to the next level. “Another Sin” from Heartrate unleashes the super catchy synths and female vocals in the chorus that make this track a definite highlight. Grendel’s “Timewave:Zero” also makes an appearance and steals the disc from the entire group as its a can’t miss affair from a can’t miss album. However, disc two doesn’t match the strength of disc one. Disc three is probably the best of the four, but not without its hiccups as Uberbyte’s “Sheffield’s Finest” is noisy and strong, though a bit flat and bland. Fortunately, it’s followed up by the charismatic and highly energized electronics of X-Rx’s “Hit the Drums,” offering one of the band’s best and damaging every set of ear drums within the blast radius. The Grendel mix of “Can You Feel the Beat” from Nachtmahr will eat at your mind long after you’re done here as the track is rhythmically catchy and sounds massive and epic with its synths, drums, and bass. You should definitely make note of 00tz 00tz’s “Living Hell” with its heavy machinery and all the darkness that comes along with its instrumentation; the seductive vocals in the verses are sure to standout among a collection of growls and screams. Shiv-R brings the heavy noise with “God is Art,” an unrelenting mass of complete destruction that builds from piece by piece to its explosive chorus, followed immediately by the hilariously titled and stompingly constructed “Fuck the Fucking Fuckers” from Amduscia. Alien Vampires spares no one with the fast paced “Acid Orgy,” which picks up speed and takes the listener on an electric train ride surrounded by, yes you guessed it, an acid filled orgy. Disc three may be the clear cut winner in this set as it eats away at discs one and two with its highly diverse tracks. Disc four comes under attack from Detroit Diesel with “Under Fire,” which runs behind the listeners and chases them into the disc with its vocal samples and bass. Though weaker than the other three discs, disc four has its moments when the Autodadeh mix of Diffuzion’s “C.S.” comes in, one of the harder tracks from the band’s last album. God Module stops by for the Distorted Memory mix of “Rituals” and brings the synths that will shake any club to its foundation, backed by Skyla Vertex’s “Strom und Drang” promising more of the same. You also cannot miss the bit crushing force of FGFC820’s remix of Mordacious as “Born to Fail” is more of the hard hitting synth destruction that both acts are known for and is a good highlight for disc four.

Regardless of who your favorites are here, Endzeit Bunkertracks [Act VI] is the current definite industrial compilation, though not without a few fillers here and there, but that’s to be expected on such a huge set. DJs will want it to crank up their club selections and fans all over will plug this one in to relive those nights. Don’t hesitate to pick this one up as it’ll be more than your money’s worth.
Track list:
Disc 1: [Evil]

  1. Patenbrigade: Wolff – Schallplattenunterhalter (Bunker Edit)
  2. R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project) – Don’t Kill Yourself
  3. Extize – Arschloch Alarm (Endzeit Asshole Edit)
  4. Cynical Existence – I’m Broken (Pre:emptive Strike 0.1 Rework)
  5. Nano Infect – Abortion
  6. Aesthetische – Still Life (Clublife Rmx by Aesthetische)
  7. Kant Kino (feat. Komputergirl) – My Game (Kant Kino Bunker Mix)
  8. Aesthetic Perfection – Inhuman (iVardensphere Remix)
  9. Diabolic Art – Final Destination
  10. Acylum – Black Rose
  11. Schwarzblut – Schwarze Tod
  12. Trimetrick – Holy Fuck
  13. Diversant:13 – Machine on the Dance Floor
  14. Phosgore – Vx
  15. Bestias De Asalto – Come Mierda Y Muere
  16. Freakangel – Used (Larva Mix)
  17. Traumatize – Comatose

Disc 2: [Torture]

  1. Noisuf-X – Open Window (v2)
  2. Hezzel – For a Second
  3. Ex.Es – War Dance
  4. Pax Sono – Just Free
  5. Psy’Aviah – Human Garbage (Endzeit Mix)
  6. Combichrist – Throat Full of Glass (Tough Guy Mix by S.A.M.)
  7. Essence of Mind – Indifference (Kant Kino Mix)
  8. Heartrate – Another Sin
  9. Cygnosic – Bury Your Hate (X-Fusion Mix)
  10. Grendel – Timewave:Zero
  11. Xperiment – This Is War
  12. Siva Six – Serpent Whore (Nano Infect Rmx)
  13. Centhron – Dominator
  14. Krystal System – Around the World (Territory Vision Mix By DJ Taiki)
  15. I:Scintilla – Swimmers Can Drown (Diabolic Art Mix)
  16. Experiment Haywire – Blacklist (Freakangel Mix)
  17. Xiescive – Time to Die (Nitronoise Rmx)

Disc 3: [Damage]

  1. Uberbyte – Sheffield’s Finest
  2. X-RX – Hit the Drums
  3. Nachtmahr – Can You Feel the Beat (Grendel Mix)
  4. 00tz 00tz – Living Hell
  5. My Dear Killer – Torture Porn
  6. Teleoptyk – Sacrifice
  7. Gothicum – Ritual
  8. Suicide Inside – Go Zonkers! (Freefall Mix)
  9. DJ 3rr0r – Future Friends
  10. Industriegebiet – Wer Schön Sein Will Muss Sterben
  11. Shiv-R – God is Art
  12. Amdusia – Fuck the Fucking Fuckers
  13. Alien Vampires – Acid Orgy
  14. Hell:Sector – God Saves
  15. 32Crash – What Happened Here (Taunting Devils’ Mix)
  16. Putrefy Factor 7 – Radical Human
  17. Amgod – Assimilation

Disc 4: [Death]

  1. Detroit Diesel – Under Fire
  2. Ambassador 21 – Dope On
  3. Aengeldust – Bloodsport (:Wumpscut: Remix)
  4. Noisex – Rhythm Age 2k12
  5. X Marks the Pedwalk – Seventeen (Noisuf-X Mix)
  6. Malakwa – Monster (Flesh Mix by Kant Kino)
  7. Glis – Apocalypse Parties (Endzeit Edit)
  8. Diffuzion – C.S. (Autodafeh Mix)
  9. God Module – Rituals (Distorted Memory Mix)
  10. Skyla Vertex – Strom und Drang
  11. H.Exe – Seven Lovely Sins (Endzeit Version)
  12. Gedankenrasen – Ihr Habt
  13. Dunkelwerk – Schnuffi (Short Cut)
  14. Implant – You Are Not
  15. Frontal Boundary – Das Blut (Komor Kommando Mix)
  16. Mordacious – Born to Fail (FGFC820 Remix)
  17. Terrorkode – Operation Q

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