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Various Artists
Category: Compilations – EBM / Industrial / Power Noise
Album: Endzeit Bunkertracks Act V
Stars: 3
Blurb: Over five hours of the same repetitive sounds with the occasional standout tracks.


This is the fifth installation of this long running collection of tracks from Alfa Matrix, and much like past compilations, it’s a good way to get your feet wet in a genre you may not know a lot about or may want to hear more of. For this reviewer, it ended up being an exercise in tolerance – not that it’s that bad, but just that it’s a lot of the same kind of tracks over and over again.

With 68 tracks to choose from there is a lot to be covered here. The first surprise is the track by [De:ad:cibel] called “One of 47,” which comes in with a great kick drum and has a real feel of old-school Front Line Assembly. The synth is really catchy and moves the entire track along. The next standout was the track by Ex.Es called “Orgasmaphobia.” It starts out sounding a lot like a My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and then bounces into an EBM track with distorted vocals, concluding with some well done porn samples that really add to the overall sleaze of the track. Another surprise was the track from Freakangel, “God’s Blind Game;” it wasn’t so much the music in the song but the production as there are some really interesting things going on with the panning of the hi-hat that kept interest in the song. It’s always interesting when a band takes a genre that has been done a thousand times and tries something interesting with the production and or mixing of the track.

From here the compilation starts to drag a bit and apart from Larva’s “Come with Me” and its Star Wars character reading of the Necronomicon, it was hard to find definition from one track into the next. Then SAM brings a new slice of bread to the table with the song “Bull Fucking Shit,” a slice of gabber-like techno with HUGE kick drums and some nice panning effects on the track. This song totally raises the bar and gets the blood flowing for what is to come. “More Bass in All Frequencies” by Shaolym was the next track and, true to the song’s title, they do bring the bass. The track totally smokes and feels like one of the more original tracks on the entire compilation. Then again, the compilation falls into a repetitive motif of songs that could fit into any of the Combichrist or Suicide Commando catalogue, including a couple of unreleased remixes of Suicide Commando’s “Die Motherfucker Die” and Combichrist’s “All Pain is Gone.” While this reviewer understands that these bands are achieving a lot of success in the club scene, it’s a bit over kill for the listener to go through the same kinds of sounds over and over again.

“Player (Euromix)” by Cervello Elettronico contains an infectious oscillating synth sound and a nice round kick drum sound, with some really nice bass tones that remind of a Love and Rockets remix from Hot Trip to Heaven or Lift. It’s a nice break from all the distortion and four-on-the-floor beats that seem to be the majority of this compilation’s focus. As the collection continues there is more of the same: more distorted beats, distorted vocals, and vocodors galore; a little Front 242 influence here, a little Front Line Assembly influence there, a lot of Combichrist, a lot of Suicide Commando, but not a lot of anything else until out of the blue is a track from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy produce a darker, scarier, and more sinister track with clean vocals and an eerie sample than this whole compilation combined is able to produce. TKK always delivers good songs and even though this is an exclusive remix, it still delivers on what TKK does best.

In the end, this is a great compilation if you are new to the power noise and current industrial movement of the last few years. If you’ve been in the scene awhile and are a bit out of date with what the current crop of artists are doing, this would be a great place to start as well. If you’ve already heard or bought Combichrist’s Making Monsters, you may want to skip this compilation completely since it seems to be more of the same without a ton of originality. It’s good, but not great, and it’s no Black Box.
Track list:
Disc 1 – [Evil]

  1. Captive Six – Noizemaker (Edit)
  2. Suicide Commando – Die Motherfucker Die (Modulate Mix)
  3. Studio-X – To Hell
  4. Shaolyn – More Bass in All Frequencies
  5. Ex.Es – Orgasmofobia (Edit)
  6. Freakangel – God’s Blind Game (Edit)
  7. Mordacious – Unknown
  8. [De:ad:cibel] – One of 47
  9. Amgod – On the Hunt (Short Mix)
  10. Industriegebiet – Erniedrigung
  11. Alien Vampires – Evil Will Always Find U
  12. SAM – Bull Fucking Shit
  13. Xperiment – Inside the Flesh
  14. Larva – Come with Me
  15. Dolls of Pain – Addiction (Endzeit Version)
  16. Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket – Sick
  17. Centhron – Amok

Disc 2 – [Torture]

  1. Virgins O.R Pigeons – Gotta Get Mad
  2. Armageddon Dildos – House of Pain (Freakangel Mix)
  3. Combichrist – All Pain is Gone
  4. Nachtmaht – War on the Dancefloor
  5. Menschdefekt – Psycho Bitch
  6. Terrorfrequenz – Virus Wut (Endzeit Version)
  7. De_Tot_Cor – Mädchenliebe
  8. iVardensphere – Sentient Wave Form
  9. Experiment Haywire – Mean Enough Hot Enough (Studio-X Mix)
  10. Diffuzion – C.S.
  11. Beati Mortui – Soulreaper
  12. Uberbyte – Dein Himmel
  13. Leæther Strip – Compassion (Kant Kino Mix)
  14. Siva Six vs. Iambia – 299 Hits (Fucking Shite Mix)
  15. Aiboforcen feat. Acylum – Blood in Your Face
  16. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Death Threat (Bahntier Mix)
  17. The Ludovico Technique – This Life

Disc 3 – [Damage]

  1. R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project) – Temporary Evacuation 27.04.86
  2. Xykogen – Mthrfkr
  3. Sonic Introversion – Please Yourself
  4. Cervello Elettronico – Player (Euromix)
  5. [:SITD:] – Rot (SAM Remix)
  6. Unter Null – I Can’t be the One (Ex.Es Mix)
  7. Pouppee Fabrikk – Symptom (Hard Cut Mix)
  8. Ayria – Bad List (Freakangel Mix)
  9. Wynardtage – Mask (Sleetgrout Endzeit Mix)
  10. X-Fusion – House of Mirrors
  11. C/A/T – Live with Myself (Edit)
  12. Acylum – Raise Your Fist (Bunker Edit)
  13. Schwarzblut – Das Mandat
  14. Das Ich – Das Bunkerlied
  15. Heimatærde – Mutter
  16. Suono – Monster
  17. Extize – Hellektrostar (Reaper Mix)

Disc 4 – [Death]

  1. Mesmer’s Eyes – 1747
  2. The Chemical Sweet Kid – Tears of Blood
  3. Formalin – Yuppiescum
  4. Feindflug – Ersatzteil
  5. Dunkelwerk – Croatoan (Very Short Cut)
  6. [Syndika:Zero] – Metaphor (Endzeit)
  7. Haushetære – Sunshine is My Destroyer
  8. Trimetrick – Black Elektro
  9. Noisuf-X – White Noise (Bunker Edit)
  10. Antythesys – Suicide Music
  11. Neikka RPM – Warped (Endzeit Attack)
  12. Katastroslavia – Completely Normal
  13. Plasmodivm – Hypocrisy is Under Control (2.0)
  14. Psy’Aviah – Anger Management (Endzeit Edit)
  15. Grendel – Chemicals & Circuitry (Komor Kommando Mix)
  16. Kant Kino – Stille!
  17. Epinephrin – Energie

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