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Various Artists - Electronic Saviors Vol IV: RetaliationVarious Artists
Genre: Industrial
Album: Electronic Saviors Vol IV: Retaliation (Digital Bonus)
Stars: 4
Blurb: Since 2008, DJ, promoter, and musician Jim Semonik has been at the forefront of the Electronic Saviors compilations, enlisting the collaboration of various artists who have come together for one cause: to defeat cancer.


Since the beginning of the Electronic Saviors project, Jim Semonik, a cancer survivor himself, and various artists have united to produce these compilations. Together, they have helped to raise over $50,000 for cancer organizations such as Our Clubhouse, The Bone Marrow Foundation, and The Foundation for Cancer Research, as well as promoting cancer awareness. For Volume IV, he joined forces with a fresh blend of excellent artists to create a fierce lineup. The Digital Bonus compilation also has great music by a variety of artists, ranging from darkwave to industrial/rock and everything in between to cater to all tastes.

The Digital Bonus compilation features an armada of tracks from local as well as nationally known artists. There is always a variety of styles in each of the Electronic Saviors volumes that everyone can appreciate. There are hard industrial tracks, like W.O.R.M.’s “Sub Human,” Scream Machine’s “Worthless Son,” “What Happens in Surgery” by The Odd Endeavour featuring Rein[Forced] (Semonik himself), and the Temple of Fools mix of Finite Automata’s “Rot Inside,” that act as the compilation’s industrial backbone. Tracks like Wicked Insight’s “Everyone Is Made of Glass,” Crucifixion Machine’s “One Plus One Equals One,” and 26z’s “PlanB” explore noise and ambience and are more experimental in nature. Songs such as “Longer In the Tooth” by Thierry Angel, FFT’s “Swallowed,” and “You” by Morpheus Laughing are electronically heavier with progressive rhythms and programming and bring rich elements of early coldwave, neoclassical darkwave, and industrial. The electro goth/rock edge is highlighted with songs like Red Kingdom’s “Camphor,” The Department’s “When You’re Not There,” and Four Light Firefly’s “Across the Fields,” which has elements of neo-folk and is one of the compilation’s most beautiful tracks. Artists like LARVA, Antidote for Annie, Transdusk, and Gross National Produkt deliver harder aggrotech/EBM elements, while XuberX’s “Nothing” and Louis Guidone’s “Bye Bye” add a more indie style of sound to the Digital Bonus collection of songs. The artists that Semonik brought together weave a transcendental tapestry of the dark and heavy modern sounds of our age.

Volume IV: Retaliation and the Digital Bonus release are perfect for lovers of great industrial music and its associated genres. Jim Semonik and Electronic Saviors will continue to be a strong and celebrated force in the musical community in the fight against cancer, and with Electronic Saviors Volume V in the making, we can only expect spectacular things from Semonik and the talent he’ll be bringing onboard.
Track list:

  1. Illusion of Joy – Like Water
  2. Grey Skies – Know Yourself
  3. 26z – PlanB
  4. Among the Echoes – Medusa [Casms Minibop Mix]
  5. Antidote for Annie – Confront
  6. The Odd Endeavour (feat. Rein[Forced]) – What Happens in Surgery
  7. Aversion Theory – Festering Inside
  8. Caligulust – Taken
  9. Crucifixion Machine – One Plus One Equals One
  10. Dead Man’z Cassette – To Absent Friends
  11. Disgraced – Blood On the Dance Floor
  12. FFT – Swallowed
  13. Finite Automata – Rot Inside [Temple of Fools Remix]
  14. Four light Firefly – Across the Fields
  15. FTC – When They Attack
  16. Gross National Produkt – Corporeal Illusion
  17. LARVA – To Breath Is to Bleed
  18. Morpheus Laughing – You
  19. Nyte Shayde – Silent
  20. Only Flesh – Stillborn
  21. Probe 7 – Stages [Torn Apart Mix]
  22. Programmable Animal – My Own Rejection
  23. Louis Guidone – Bye Bye
  24. Red Kingdom – Camphor
  25. Scream Machine – Worthless Son
  26. Temple of Fools (feat. Donatello Does) – Crucible
  27. The Deity – A Cause Worth Fighting For
  28. The Department – When You’re Not There
  29. Thierry Angel – Longer In the Tooth
  30. Transdusk – No Grave
  31. W.O.R.M. – Sub Human
  32. Wicked Insight – Everyone That You Know Is Made of Glass
  33. XuberX – Nothing [2015 Mix]

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