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Various Artists - Dependence 2012: Next Level ElectronicsVarious Artists
Category: Compilations
Album: Dependence 2012: Next Level Electronics
Stars: 4
Blurb: Dependence 2012 is a tantalizing sampling of tracks from a variety of Dependent and Metropolis artists. Highlights include remixes from KMFDM and Front Line Assembly, and also a new song from Seabound.


The 2012 incarnation of Dependence, the compilation album released by Metropolis and Dependent Records, features a diverse set of new, unreleased, and remixed tracks. The album is an attractive, accessible sampler from some of the best artists in electronic music. Radioaktivists opens the album with “Pieces of Me,” a lyrically superior track with an engaging, wistful harmony. It initially seems a curious choice for an opening track as Radioaktivists have yet to release an album. However, the pedigree of this musical project is impeccable, featuring Krischan Wesenberg of Rotersand and Frank M. Spinath of Seabound, among others. Seasoned veterans KMFDM and Front Line Assembly both provide excellent remixes of “Amnesia” and “Angriff,” respectively. Other highlights include “The Escape” from Seabound, the band’s first new song in nearly six years. Even after listening to this song multiple times, each successive play reveals another cryptic layer of dreamlike melodies and edgy beats. It is followed by “Whole Wide World,” a disconcertingly beautiful song with driving beats and uplifting harmonies coupled with a pervading feeling of tragedy and loss. For a compilation album, Dependence 2012 is simply a pleasure to listen to. While featuring few surprises, it is nonetheless a moving, danceable album with something to offer to all fans of electronic music.
Track list:

  1. Radioaktivists – Pieces of Me
  2. KMFDM – Amnesia (Käpt’n K Mix Edit)
  3. Mesh – You’ll Never Understand (Harder)
  4. SKOLD – Tonight (The Birthday Massacre Remix)
  5. Pride and Fall – Reborn
  6. Informatik – World of Wonder
  7. Seabound – The Escape
  8. Dismantled – Whole Wide World
  9. Encephalon – The Transhuman Condition (Singularity)
  10. Front Line Assembly – Angriff (Project Pitchfork Mix)
  11. Stromkern – Ruin(ed)
  12. Acretongue – Violent Pale
  13. Ghost & Writer – Fraud (Decay Inc’s Fourty-Something Radio Mix)
  14. Velvet Acid Christ – Even Now
  15. Decoded Feedback – Another Loss

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