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Various Artists
Category: Compilations
Album: Cum to My House. I Have Beer, I Have Scotch, There Will be Drugs!
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A vicious assault of harsh underground industrial, noise, and dark ambient with a few lighter moments to keep your ears from bleeding too heavily.


As the lines between genres are being steadily blurred beyond distinction to such a point that a new subgenre seems to pop up out of the woodwork everyday, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average consumer to think outside of categorical boundaries. After all, what do dark ambient, power noise, and terror EBM have in common that they should find their way side-by-side on a compilation such as this? Quite simply, all represent the darker and more extreme forms of underground industrial music, all exploring similar themes and modes, thus finding a similar audience. Such has been the approach of Bugs Crawling Out of People and the artists associated with the small but adventurous label.

With a title as irreverently humorous and enticing as it is slightly disturbing, one can expect the music contained to follow suit. Beginning with a bang, compUTerus blasts its way through the speakers with a pummeling dose of electrified industrial noise that is sure to get people dancing as well as banging their heads. Keeping the pace going is iVardensphere’s remix of Iszoloscope’s “The Sum of Us All” with its infectious and noisy rhythms that stop and start to give way for some chilled and darkened ambience for added tension. From here, the compilation takes more than a few unexpected turns, from the scathing EBM of Vicious Alliance’s “Let’s Bash These People Up” to the slow burn of terrified dark ambience and scrap metal beat structures of “Hallucinating in the Temple” by Worms of the Earth, and the onto the sparse glitch-laden airiness of Famine’s remix of “Halcyon” by Cisc. Other tracks like the Valvegod remix of Lucidstatic’s “aux8,” the Jaymez remix of Famine’s “Cortruisse,” and the Cut & Grind mix of “Sin Eater” by Dedtek offer up blistering displays of unabashed, uninhibited breakcore, while “Santorum” by It-Clings and “Like Freshly Fallen Snow” by Vaginal Rippage are a pair of anomalous pseudo-erotic stories with some equally discordant musical (and vocal) backing.

The one major misfire on the compilation comes with Adolf Glitter’s cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” for while the music is a pleasant mix of 8-bit pads and bass lines atop a mild breakbeat, the hideously out-of-tune male and female vocals are so dissonant to the point of absolute annoyance. Some might find the formless distortion of Notaform’s “This is Love Too” to be beyond uncomfortable, although the track is a thankfully brief affair of two minutes, keeping it from stifling the enjoyment of other tracks like “0=3” by M00nbASS, which is a nicely constructed mix of head-bopping electro, and the rhythmically appealing demo of “MISSING TIME” by DIFF_CULT, full of layers of chilled out pads and breaks akin to the Urbcom label. Overall, Cum to My House. I Have Beer, I Have Scotch, There Will be Drugs! suffers mostly from a lack of logical flow due to its varied, schizoid, and decidedly vicious assault of the harsher forms of underground industrial music. It will certainly please fans of its niche demographic, while the few lighter and more musical moments might entice a few new listeners to take notice.
Track list:

  1. compUTerus – Progress is a Train
  2. Iszoloscope – The Sum of Us All (iVardensphere Remix)
  3. Worms of the Earth – Hallucinating in the Temple
  4. Cisc – Halcyon (Famine Remix)
  5. M00nbASS – 0=3 (Bugs Crawling Out of People Remix)
  6. Lucidstatic – aux8 (Valvegod Remix)
  7. JonBob – Gyruss 1983
  8. It-Clings – Santorum (The Hottest Thing You’ve Heard in a Long Time Mix by Razor Edge)
  9. Adolf Glitter – Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper Remix)
  10. Vicious Alliance – Let’s Bash These People Up
  12. Famine – Cortruisse (Jaymez Remix)
  13. Baptism of Stains – Nothing Isn’t
  14. Notaform – This is Love Too
  15. Vaginal Rippage – Like Freshly Fallen Snow
  16. Dedtek – Sin Eater (Cut & Grind Mix)

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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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