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Various Artists - COMA Music Magazine: GCS2Various Artists
Category: Compilations / Industrial / EBM
Album: COMA Music Magazine: GCS2
Stars: 3
Blurb: Full of more hits than misses, this compilation is certainly worth more than the small initial asking price.


COMA Music Magazine’s second installment of its band-promoting release series is a digitally-available compilation that features a wide variety of artists from gothic, industrial, and other related genres. All of the tracks are available for free preview via COMA’s BandCamp page, which is also where the entire album can be purchased for whatever the listener is willing to pay for the album, starting at as little as $0.50. It seems amazing that an entire album worth of music can be obtained for such a small amount, but it is completely understandable as the exposure such a compilation can bring about for each artist is immense. This particular distribution tactic is very favorable, and brings such a decent selection of music to a wider audience than the average listener might not otherwise be exposed to. In light of the small amount that one can purchase the album, the selections certainly do not disappoint.

The tracks range from almost completely rock with only some electronic hints, to completely electronic synthpop styles, from heavily distorted angry male vocals to soft female fronted ‘80s-influenced offerings. While some of the tracks do feature that somewhat unfinished feel of the unsigned band, some songs would be just at home playing in the club or on the soundtrack to a movie. The biggest complaint this writer had regarding the album would probably be the track listing, since when I first tried to give it a listen instead of beginning with the first track it began playing on track 14, which felt like a wonderful introduction to the CD. Once that got that straightened out, the song order was a slight disappointment, but in light of this digital age of downloads and shuffles, track listing truly isn’t that important anymore.

Some highlights of the album include The Ludovico Technique’s “Living Filth” with its intriguing samples and Skinny Puppy-influenced vocal distortions, Red This Ever’s “New Skin” with its inspired combination of electronics and live instrumentation, and Severed’s “Xcelerant,” a well layered song that is varied enough to hold the listener’s attention while familiar enough to not be a turnoff. While some selections may come off rather heavily influenced, boringly familiar, or seem to lack fully formed direction, the entire compilation overall is certainly worth at least a listen, if not complete inclusion into one’s library.

Track list:

  1. The Light Asylum – Dying in Your False Reality
  2. 9th Evolution – Ventriloquist Twitch
  3. The Ludovico Technique – Living Filth
  4. Sinsect – Sudden Storms
  5. Red This Ever – New Skin
  6. Endif – Last Tribe (Endif vs. Replogen)
  7. Midori Complex – Machined
  8. Unwoman – Neophile (COMA Mix)
  9. Attrition – Dante’s Kitchen (Remix by Shok)
  10. Ben Arp – The Surrender
  11. Scream Machine – Parasite (ft. Fredrik Croona)
  12. Severed – Xcelerant
  13. The Gothsicles – Amphibious Trigonometry (Fan Remix by empty_NES)
  14. Sensuous Enemy – Intentions
  15. Inertia – Gone
  16. Andro-Dioxin – Nightmare
  17. Microwaved – Blood (Panda Transport Remix)

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Litho Fayne (Lilyth)

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