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Various Artists - ColdWaves II SamplerVarious Artists
Category: Compilations / Industrial / Rock
Album: ColdWaves II Sampler
Stars: 4
Blurb: Featuring many of the bands present at the ColdWaves II event, this compilation offers up a few welcome surprises to make it worth its low price tag.


The ColdWaves event held in Chicago in 2012 was a momentous occasion to celebrate the life of Jamie Duffy in the wake of his untimely passing. The event brought together many luminaries of the underground industrial rock and coldwave scene, some reuniting for the first time in years. Following up on the success of this event was ColdWaves II in 2013, featuring an even wider range of acts and sounds. And so, Cracknation offers this sampler compilation as a companion piece for fans, featuring most of the bands present on the 2013 lineup, along with a couple of surprises.

Among those surprises is the opening track, “Klusterfuck Kulture” credited to Cocksure, a collaboration between Cracknation’s Jason Novak and Cocks Member Chris Connelly. Longtime fans of RevCo will be pleased with this track as it features Connelly in all of his glory as he delivers an incendiary industrialized rap against modern culture atop Novak’s noisy coldwave, full of many sounds familiar to Cracknation fans. As well, there is “Stages of Grief,” a brutal track of hard-hitting industrial/metal from members of Acumen and Cyanotic, full of lyrics and samples no doubt geared toward coping with unexpected loss. And then there is Chris Boom Paige’s venomous remix of “Stone” by The Clay People, updating the grittiness of the original into a blistering and danceable electro/industrial track, and perhaps acting as a teaser for what is to come from the band’s impending rerelease of Stone/10 Stitches. The rest of the compilation features such mainstays of the scene like 16volt with the thunderous machine rock of “Sick Sick Sick,” BILE with the sharp electronics and brutal attitude of “Robots Ate My Baby,” the slow and sleazy rock abrasion of “Spider Sex and Car Wrecks” by Evil Mothers, and the chugging electrified rock of Hate Dept.’s “Better Days.” On the heavier end of the spectrum is Prong with “State of Rebellion” and Skrew with “Hijack,” as well as a live recording of Plague Bringer’s “Burnward Whore,” all exemplifying the more metal elements of coldwave, while the groovy EBM of “Move On” by Douglas J. McCarthy is just slightly out of place, though no less enjoyable.

With tracks by Iron Lung Corp. and Acucrack rounding out the track list and offering previews of what both acts’ new albums have to offer, the ColdWaves II Sampler is at a mere $5.00 tag on the Cracknation store worth the price. The tracks already released complement each other on this album as well as the bands did in a live setting, but the new songs by Cocksure and Acumen vs. Cyanotic are perhaps the primary selling points; simply great tracks that should not be missed and hinting at greater things to come. Rest in peace, Jamie Duffy; long live coldwave!
Track list:

  1. Cocksure – Klusterfuck Kulture
  2. Douglas J. McCarthy – Move On
  3. Prong – State of Rebellion
  4. Acumen vs. Cyanotic – Stages of Grief
  5. Hate Dept. – Better Days
  6. Acucrack – Murder of the Triplets
  7. Skrew – Hijack
  8. 16volt – Sick Sick Sick
  9. Iron Lung Corp – Nemesis
  10. The Clay People – Stone (Remix)
  11. BILE – Robots Ate My Baby
  12. Evil Mothers – Spider Sex and Car Wrecks
  13. Plague Bringer – Burnward Whore (Live)

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