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Various Artists - AccretionVarious Artists
Category: Compilations / IDM / Experimental / Industrial
Album: Accretion
Stars: 4
Blurb: A massive 42 track digital compilation celebrating Tympanik Audio’s fifth anniversary that must not be missed.


“Accretion” is a term commonly used in astrophysics used to describe the process of gravitational attraction that causes gaseous matter to form the stunning celestial phenomena, the accretion disc. This proves to be a very poetically appropriate name for Tympanik Audio’s compilation as the label seems to be the bright shining star that has attracted an exceptional roster of artists that together have helped form this stunning and beautiful disc of music to celebrate the label’s fifth anniversary.

Some may find it a detriment, other may find it a strength, but Accretion definitely shows there is a particular pervasive Tympanik Audio style and feel that stretches across artists, despite their frequently very different sounds. This similar style can occasionally lead to certain songs fading off into the background or blending into their surroundings too much; however, this also makes the compilation far more cohesive and enjoyable than the usual formless collection of artists’ music that makes up most compilations. This also allows for certain tracks to stand out even more from the pack when, even though there are still general similarities in tone and style, you find yourself roused from the mellow and blissful calm the album has induced by the sudden desperate need to know who the currently playing artist is. With a compilation that is so large and so consistently strong it is difficult to pick out specific highlights without simply relisting the artists that appear on the album, but certain acts do manage to garner a bit more attention with their more unique sounds. ESA’s distinctly intense and aggressive flavor, the Asian influenced style of Worms of the Earth, and the haunting use of vocals by c.db.sn are all very striking and the brutal sound engineering of Fractional as well as the warm sweeping symphonic feel of Dirk Geiger make for a stunning experience.

Tymapanik Audio is the gravitational force that has attracted these acts and together they have formed a lovely, majestic, and stirring tableau of sound. Accretion quite clearly shows off Tympanik’s vision and the ability to draw like-minded, quality acts to its banner. For those who already love the label, those curious about it, or those who simply want to hear the various shades of IDM Tympanik brings to the table, this compilation is an absolute must own.
Track list:

  1. Unterm Rad – Inamorata
  2. Access to Arasaka – Fragments of a Hologram Rose
  3. Flint Glass – Talawaitichqua
  4. Zentriert Ins Antlitz – Pasiphae
  5. Flaque – Darkness is Falling
  6. Tineidae – Damaged Datastream
  7. Stendeck – Let Us Conversate Again
  8. Geomatic – They Come from Within
  9. Ex_Tension – Reso (Live)
  10. Totakeke – In the Woods
  11. Opposite Exhale – Stare into The Sun
  12. ESA – The Shape of Hate to Come
  13. Ad•ver•sary – Plan B
  14. Fractional – Tess
  15. Zeller – Textura
  16. Endif – City
  17. Lucidstatic – Cauterize yhe Emotion
  18. Worms of the Earth – Mucalinda
  19. [Haven] – Gewura
  20. Undermathic – Tympanik
  21. Tapage – Crystal Flabs Resonating
  22. Erode – Stasis
  23. Disharmony – Lights of Us
  24. Haujobb – Revolve
  25. C.H. District – Sanzu
  26. r.roo – Heaven Drops His Stars on Our Heads
  27. Famine – Salbutamol
  28. Candle Nine – Roosevelt Station
  29. Aphorism – No Dialtone
  30. Known Rebel – Finch Avenue
  31. Autoclav1.1 – The Pledge
  32. Displacer – Rattlesnake (feat. Aidan Baker)
  33. Black Lung – The Brotherhood of Saturn (feat. Spiderface)
  34. Meander – A Bed of Leaves
  35. Normotone – Once in My Quiet Room
  36. Anklebiter – Obliquely
  37. Dirk Geiger – Anniversary of Giants
  38. c.db.sn – Athousandmiles
  39. Comaduster – Connecting the Seams
  40. Subheim – Space Corridor
  41. Integral – Empty
  42. SE – Aglaope (feat. Fyre)

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