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Various Artists - 7 Year ItchVarious Artists
Category: Compilations / Ambient / EBM
Album: 7 Year Itch
Stars: 4
Blurb: Compilation from UK label MoMT that celebrates its artists as well as seven years of existence.


MoMT is a small UK based label that focuses on a variety of small electronic acts. Beginning with a tribute to Front Line Assembly in 2003, MoMT has slowly but steadily built a limited catalog of interesting releases. Released in various downloadable formats, 7 Year Itch features new tracks from many of their artists.

Gusto Extermination Fluid starts the collection off with “Oiskobi,” a brooding instrumental track that would feel right at home on the B-side of a Nine Inch Nails record. Sparse and minimalistic, “Oiskobi” sets the tone with a song full of tension and foreboding. Quartersized’s “Questions” follows in a similar style, but with a more modern electro twist. Holon’s “You Said There Would be No Tomorrow” continues the theme of instrumental minimalism, but makes headway into a new direction. Blending quick, pulsing beats with elements of trance, the track crafts a more upbeat mood.

7 Year Itch definitely crosses into a more dance focused realm with K-Nitrate and their song “The Ascension.” Along with UCNX and UCNX’s side project Lone Wolves, these songs collectively demonstrate MoMT’s contemporary industrial dance offerings. The final portion of the release centers on the more abstract and experimental artists on the label’s roster, with Indigo Virus and Cauterized shining the brightest with their respective contributions.

Overall, 7 Year Itch is solid compilation, and would serve as a great introduction for newcomers to MoMT and their artists. Its varied styles and moods show many of these acts in top form, and the collection seems as if it would be perfect for a film soundtrack.

Track list:

  1. Gusto Extermination Fluid – Oiskobi
  2. Quartersized – Questions
  3. Holon – You Said There Would be No Tomorrow
  4. Audacity – Prototype
  5. K-Nitrate – The Ascension
  6. UCNX – Absolution (Retribution Mix)
  7. Lone Wolves – II. No Falling (Instrumental)
  8. Audio War – Bleed (Heavy Mix)
  9. Vultures – Easy Does It
  10. Indigo Virus – Grain
  11. Savier – The Beginning V2
  12. Shinji Yamashita – Kanashimi
  13. Cauterized – Voodoo Magic
  14. Skink – 5475 Days Part II
  15. Semi0n – Nuclear Attack (7 Year Itch Edit)

MoMT Records Website http://www.momt.co.uk
MoMT Records MySpace http://www.myspace.com/momtrecords
MoMT Records BandCamp http://momtrecords.bandcamp.com


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