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Vampires Everywhere! - Hellbound and HeartlessVampires Everywhere!
Category: Goth / Rock
Album: Hellbound and Heartless
Stars: 4
Blurb: Goth, metal, grunge, and shock rock all meld into one engrossing set of tracks sure to delight or offended.


Ever wondered what would happen if Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and Alice in Chains all got together and had a ridiculous offspring? Well the “More Human than Human” “Antichrist Superstar” “Man in a Box” has arrived in the form of Los Angeles four piece Vampires Everywhere! and their album Hellbound and Heartless. Harkening back to the days of the ‘90s and early 2000s era of rock and metal, Vampires Everywhere! sound every bit like their predecessors and aren’t shy about admitting it and while their product isn’t necessarily something you haven’t heard before, it is something that has gone a bit by the wayside in these times of overly political correctness. Some will immediately see the style of this album the same way many saw similar bands in past years and write them off while others may look into this project and see something that is missing a bit in today’s rock scene. Hellbound and Heartless is packed full of heavy, crunchy guitar riffs, more scream/growl singing than you can shake a disillusioned teen at, beastly bass lines, and punishing drums that will cause all sorts of satanic head banging.

Hellbound and Heartless kicks itself off with an immediate attempt to get under the weak at heart’s skin with “I: Hellbound,” a series of offensive sound bites that are either going to excite or make you shut this album off. Now, if you’ve survived that first clip, you’re greeted with “I Can’t Breathe,” a heavy rocking, guitar wielding maniac of a song that literally drives straight through your head with its instrumentation and vocals. The album really kicks into high gear with the song “Star of 666,” and if this were 1999, this track would be a hit single waiting to happen, packed full of seemingly offensive imagery. However, hiding underneath that is an awesome rock song; the guitars are massive, moving, and catchy while the drums kick your face in next to the bass. Another notable track is “Drug of Choice,” which comes across as a cocky shock anthem proclaiming to all who hear it that you’re their drug of choice and there’s nothing they can do about it, though standard rock fair it is. “Unholy Eyes” bears serious comparisons to Manson’s “President Dead” with its opening riff; however, that takes nothing away from this slowly paced track, standing on its own with seductive vocal verses and a driving guitar and bass that don’t quit. Interestingly, sitting near the second half of the album is a Nirvana cover of the song “Rape Me,” turning from grunge song to grunge/metal/goth song and it is actually very well done, though aside from the heavier image of the track, it isn’t too much different from the original, which is in no way, shape, or form an insult.

Vampires Everywhere! literally show up out of nowhere with a sound that is straight from the ‘90s and that is not a bad thing at all. Though it’s purposely offensive and similar to its predecessors and influences in almost every way, Hellbound and Heartless is still an album that most likely will satisfy fans of the older bands and perhaps help newer ones re-carve a niche long thought dead. This is back to basics metal with heavy guitar, drums, bass, and loud angry vocals and is almost somewhat refreshing in a market saturated with electronica. One of two things will happen upon cracking open this album – you’ll either write these guys off as stuck in the past posers or you’ll look beyond such prejudices and see a rock record that is actually built on solid fundamentals, is actually really good, and should be checked out.
Track list:

  1. I: Hellbound
  2. I Can’t Breathe
  3. Beauty Queen
  4. II: The Inferno
  5. Star of 666
  6. Drug of Choice
  7. Kiss of Death
  8. Rape Me (Nirvana Cover)
  9. Plastic
  10. III: The 7th Gate
  11. Unholy Eyes
  12. IV: Born Individual
  13. Social Suicide
  14. Anti Hate
  15. Hell on Earth
  16. Amanda’s Song

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