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The Unquiet Void - So Comes the Yawning DarknessThe Unquiet Void
Category: Dark Ambient / Experimental
Album: So Comes the Yawning Darkness
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Telling the audient void and gazing into the blackness of cosmic insanity, The Unquiet Void takes a slight detour from the trilogy to pay homage to the Crawling Chaos himself.


Seven years ago, Jason Wallach released under his moniker of The Unquiet Void the second entry in a promised trilogy of albums inspired by the monstrous and eldritch world of twentieth century weird fiction author H.P. Lovecraft, The Shadow-Haunted Outside. Like its predecessor, Poisoned Dreams, it was a bleak and otherworldly exploration of sound and audio darkness, delving into alien realms so beyond humanity’s comprehension as to be terrifying, giving voice to creatures of antiquity so unfathomable as to render a man insane. Perhaps Wallach gazed too long into the abyss, for aside from his activity producing the score for independent horror film Closet Space, he has been virtually unheard from since… until now. With the cooperation of artist Jason McKittrick of Cryptocurium Custom Creations, Wallach once again guides us on a journey into antediluvian horrors, with McKittrick’s artwork providing a visual accompaniment that serves only to give us pieces to a puzzle we may never understand. In a slight deviation from convention, So Comes the Yawning Darkness is not intended to be the third entry in the trilogy; rather, it is a stopgap along the path, a bridge between the two previous albums and only an indicator for what may yet lie ahead.

Where Poisoned Dreams gave rise to the return of Cthulhu from the submarine depths and The Shadow-Haunted Outside took us through the chaos void of Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth, So Comes the Yawning Darkness pays homage to that which serves as the avatar to the Outer Gods, the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep. As such, the album bears the remnants of a recognizable humanity, the traces of a dissonant and eerie but distinctly human melody appearing in the black ambience of “From the Stygian Blackness They Come” or even in “Tongue” amid the ghastly backdrop of thunderous atmosphere and percussive foreboding. Similarly, “The Black Pharoah” provides a lush, almost saddening lament that is actually quite a beautiful moment of respite from the madness of the rest of the album. Yet these are mere traces as the tracks take us further into the chaos of infinity, the almost breathy howls and skittering in “A Beacon of Unknown Origin,” the hollow ambience amid a ritualistic industrial beat in “Peering into Starry Wisdom,” or the distant alien shrieks giving rise to a guttural bellowing that is almost half mechanical and half demonic in “The Crawling Chaos” all serving to draw the listener into dimensions that bear little resemblance to any sane reality. “Siphon” has the quality of a demented lullaby as a repeating twinkling arpeggio struggles to be heard beneath the horrid screams of who knows what, but it does provide the slightest anchor to keep one grounded in the earthly realms, if only hanging by a thread. A sense of eerie calm pervades “From the Audient Void,” the cold distant rumbling offering but the faintest voice to the vast emptiness wherein strange beings lurk and listen, ending with a vicious theme as of an approaching leviathan.

As Wallach continues work on The Secrets of Vanished Aeons, the third entry in the trilogy (and oddly enough, the beginning of the progression, with Poisoned Dreams being the middle, and The Shadow-Haunted Outside as the end), So Comes the Yawning Darkness finds Wallach looking beyond the parameters of a linear story to explore the expanded universe of Lovecraft’s mythos, with McKittrick’s sculptures and artwork serving to further bring these hideous creations to life. With both album and the first of many planned artifacts made available at the NecronomiCon in Providence, RI in August of this year, this collaboration seems to be only for those devoted fans brave enough to plunge into the insanity along with The Unquiet Void; listen and despair.
Track list:

  1. From the Stygian Blackness They Come
  2. A Beacon of Unknown Origin
  3. Peering into Starry Wisdom
  4. The Haunter of the Dark
  5. Tongue
  6. The Black Pharoah
  7. Crawling Chaos
  8. Siphon
  9. Messages to Infinity
  10. From the Audient Void
  11. The Stygian Blackness (Reprise)

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