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Unknown Component - Blood v. ElectricityUnknown Component
Category: Indie Pop / Electronic / Alternative
Album: Blood v. Electricity
Stars: 4
Blurb: A somber, melancholy mass of guitars, electronics, and melodies that almost creates empathy with its structure.


The musical baby of Keith Lynch known as Unknown Component is essentially a one man music project that propels his creative energies and emotions forward. Since 2002, Unknown Component has operated somewhat under the radar to amass a catalog of creatively refreshing sonic environments with guitar, electronics, bass, and expressive, emotive vocals. 2012’s Blood v. Electricity is essentially no different, bringing together all past projects with a bang and giving the listener plenty to enjoy and come back to afterwards. Dreamy guitars echo throughout the album with deep bass lines as the vocals float effortlessly over the instrumentation as if a cloud over a controlled chaotic landscape. Blood v. Electricity is ruled and carried by its uncanny ability to piece together charismatic melodies to create a wall of sound for the listener to be absorbed into, surrounding and covering with its sleek and smooth production.

“Intuition” opens the album up with melancholy pianos and electronics that give way for the vocals, bass, and guitar strums to echo the same sentiment, setting the tone for the entire album. “Nowhere Is Alone” continues the somber mood and gives the album a sense of building blocks being piled upon each other through sound. “Gypsies of the Apocalypse” picks up the pace enough to keep you interested with its somewhat fast paced drums, guitars, and a lingering bass and pad combination that is infectious and raging in its delivery. “Moral Vultures” is the ultimate payoff for the build of the first half of Blood v. Electricity by kicking the tempo up high and making the guitar and vocals come to a fever pitch with electronics to further the energy of the track. After the halfway point, “For All Intents & Purposes” seems to start another build towards the conclusion of the album by slowly bringing it down a notch, a process that is continued throughout the next set of tracks, ultimately leading you to the somber conclusion of “Through the Surface.”

Unknown Component has created a compelling project that builds through the tracks to bursts of pure emotion and then a comedown afterwards, almost crafting an album that is a story in itself. The vocals could have perhaps used a little more fire in some places and maybe a bit more rage in others, but that doesn’t affect the overall performance of Blood v. Electricity too negatively. The crisp production and dreamy melodies are sure to hypnotize and delight, all the while never coming across too soft, giving Unknown Component a winning combination, one that is definitely recommended.
Track list:

  1. Intuition
  2. Nowhere Is Alone
  3. Gypsies of the Apocalypse
  4. Pendulum
  5. Sensory Deprivation
  6. Moral Vultures
  7. For All Intents & Purposes
  8. Dust & the Shadows
  9. Painting the Weather
  10. The Invisible Line
  11. Through the Surface

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