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Unitcode:Machine - NosophobiaUnitcode:Machine
Category: EBM/Synthpop
Album: Nosophobia
Stars: 3.5
Blub: While its sound is a little less than fresh, the debut album from this unsigned act could have been a classic just a decade ago.


The passage of time can be exceptionally cruel when one is reminded how long exactly it has been since one thing or another has occurred. In this case, the one thing or another is the shift in sound that industrial music went through at the turn of the century. Whether you condemn or condone the move towards the emphasis of synth phrases and dance floor readiness, it certainly seems too early for bands to be reinventing this sound for contemporary audiences.

But this is exactly what Unitcode:Machine has delivered in their debit album Nosophobia. The result is somewhere short of inducing nostalgia for the era that changed industrial music forever, but exceedingly well put together nonetheless. Trance inspired synth lines and arpeggios abound with dance inducing drums keeping us moving. The songs have the sort of BPM frequency that you would expect from an album of the era, with lyrics to match. On “Stare Inside,” we get the obligatory condemnation of organized religion, while on “Imperfect,” we get the second person condemnation for some sort of grievous personal wrongdoing. The vocals of lead programmer Eric K have some standard processing as well as those of female counterbalance Katrin X. The stereo image is nice and active, keeping your ears engaged. A case could be made that some of the synths come off a bit muddy, but not so much as to detract from passive listening, although this could work against the songs in the almighty club environment.

It would be harsh to say that Nosophobia clings to a bland and outdated formula because in the end, it’s a tight, well produced, and enjoyable album. Especially if you are a fan of what could be called “the Metropolis sound” evident on their comps from the turn of the century, picking up Nosophobia will be like rediscovering an old classic. It’s clear that Eric K has a real ear for the music and the talent to produce incredibly accessible songs. As a whole, the album is a pleasure to listen to and points to a bright future for a producer that has his act together. It will be interesting to see if as Unitcode:Machine moves into the future, they keep their eyes so firmly fixed on the past.
Track list:

  1. Stare Inside
  2. Fall Again
  3. Imperfect
  4. Crush
  5. Mutilation
  6. Obsessed
  7. Ghost
  8. Waste
  9. Reflect
  10. Stare Inside (Get Down and Dirty Mix by Geeky C)
  11. Imperfect (Ctrl Remix)
  12. Mutilation (Vvlgar Remix)
  13. Stare Inside (Void Prototype Remix)
  14. Imperfect (Tokyo Focus Remix)
  15. Stare Inside (Lkerr Remix)
  16. Stare Inside (Awen Remix)

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Brendan Leonard (vonruthven)

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