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Unit 187 - Out for BloodUnit 187
Category: Industrial
Album: Out for Blood
Stars: 3
Blurb: An impressive, heavy, and gritty coldwave showcase that unfortunately comes across as too restrained.


Only the fourth full album to be released in this Vancouver based act’s 15 year history, Out for Blood once again brings Unit 187 together with Front Line Assembly alumni Chris Peterson, this time in a more active, official band member capacity. Their first album since 2004’s Capital Punishment, Unit 187 has significantly downplayed the electronics this time out, incorporating heavy throbbing guitar giving the work a mellower, but far grittier feeling.

While this new guitar focus does a lot to set this album apart from Unit 187’s previous work, giving them a dark and grimy coldwave vibe, it unfortunately doesn’t feel like enough was done to set the tracks themselves apart from each other. Despite its impressive production and composition, Out for Blood definitely suffers from a tendency to blend together due to its lack of divergence in tempo and gives an overall feeling of being stuck in one gear the entire time. There are still several heavy, attitude-laden tracks like “Threatened” and “DDD” that liven things up significantly with their great rhythm and vicious vocals, but there are also songs like “Rolling Vengeance” that are a great chorus wrapped around unimpressive filler. “Lethal Injection” does add a touch of much needed variety to the album with its use of vocal distortion and more predominant electronics that show a bit of Front Line Assembly flavor, but still manages to fit nicely within the overall snarl of the album.

Out for Blood definitely shows that Unit 187 has mastered the art of slow, meticulous, grinding metal punctuated with electronic flourishes, but the album is so focused on it that sometimes it feels like a Ferrari going the speed limit. Yes, it’s stylish and exceptionally well put together, but it seems like it’s just itching to open up and let loose. Make no mistake about it; Out for Blood is an exceptional showcase of gritty, uncompromising, and aggressive to the point of feeling feral coldwave, but its consistent slow pace runs the risk of leaving a lot of listeners feeling unfulfilled and wanting a bit more bite to go with this very menacing growl.

Track list:

  1. Sick Obsession
  2. Rolling Vengeance
  3. Threatened
  4. Living to Die
  5. Guilty Pleasures
  6. DDD
  7. Lethal Injection
  8. Kurva
  9. The Wait
  10. Sofadermatosis

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