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Undermathic - Deleted (1999-2006)Undermathic
Category: IDM / Ambient
Album: Deleted (1999-2006)
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Introductory to a rejuvenating and at the same time chaotic soundscape, but falls at the hand of a too monotone approach – but, interestingly enough, becomes moderately diverse.


Undermathic is the alias of Maciej Paszkiewicz, a native of Poland who since 1984 has been creating his own brand of electronic music. Signed to Tympanic Audio, he first released Return to Childhood and a year after solidly marked his presence in the scene with 10:10PM. Deleted is a compilation of unreleased tracks from these past releases and new tracks alike, which directly take aim and shoot mechanical rhythms and distorted urban sounds, but at the same time manages to remain calm.

The first song, “Mechanical Steering” places the listener within a picturesque yet monotone soundscape that delves deeper and deeper into the mind, while also painting a picture of lost hope and decay with whizzed synths and down-tempo drums. As the song progresses, it becomes clear that the simple and monotone introduction complements very well the complex middle and ending passages. The next song, “Bypass” clearly demonstrates a more rhythmic noise approach with more of a breakbeat influence and a more up-tempo feeling. The rejuvenating sound seems clearer and crisper with a more electronic feeling as airy and spacey synths shift in between the Amen-break oriented beat with additional percussion; a very thoughtful and two-dimensional structure that leaves the listener wanting more. As if the songs weren’t already varied, the more glitch-laden and naïve synths immersed in “Stereo” also increase the aesthetics of a diverse and interesting apocalyptic scenario. At the same time, the track implements a simultaneous utopia and dystopia, making both definitions fight among themselves over the challenging soundscapes.

When “Popmusic” comes on, the feeling of modern pop-soundscapes open, but as soon as the magical pop aesthetic comes crashing down, the glitchy and distorted synths embed the feeling that everything is not okay. This song comes with the best from both worlds – on the one hand, the illbient distortion, feeling, and synth passages tuning in a dystopic nature and on the other hand, the more commercially sounding pop landscape with its drifty sounds and synths. Even though they resonate well with each other, the meaning of it all sounds like a crashing pop dream gone awry. “Idleness” includes the obligatory calming passage, which by now is more of a coercive element than an optional. Even though it can be an annoyance at some points, it also brings the complementary soundscape out in a whole new light, this time, with a more varied mix of eccentric, airy, but dreamy synths. All of this is accompanied by delay driven drums and percussion that go on rhythmically against one another.

But drifting further into the songs from here on, there is something missing: an ingredient that makes it livelier and varied. A hint of variation overlaps the ambition to make diverse tracks, placing it in a one-two pattern, making one song soundscape, and another the complete opposite. The lack of more genre overlapping and diverse sounding songs makes it a wonderful trip until it smashes its head against the wall. Needless to say, there is a need to overcome the in-the-box thinking and to go outside to introduce even more of the candy that should and could be stored in the same package. Listeners may find themselves searching with light and torch for the compliment, but as distant as it may seem, the album still deserves its recognition.
Track list:

  1. Mechanical Steering
  2. Bypass
  3. Stereo
  4. Popmusic
  5. Idleness
  6. Parallel
  7. Drugi Brzeg
  8. Film
  9. Moyen Age
  10. Sagarmatha
  11. I’m Waiting
  12. My Room
  13. Far from You

Undermathic Website http://undermathic.com
Undermathic MySpace http://www.myspace.com/undermathic
Undermathic Facebook https://www.facebook.com/undermathic
Undermathic SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/undermathic
Undermathic ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/undermathic
Tympanic Audio Website http://tympanikaudio.com
Tympanik Audio MySpace http://myspace.com/tympanik
Tympanik Audio Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tympanik-Audio/137795642739
Tympanik Audio Twitter http://twitter.com/tympanik
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