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Undermathic - 10:10PMUndermathic
Category: Ambient / Electronica
Album: 10:10PM
Stars: 3
Blurb: Tapestry of sounds will appeal to audiophiles, mildly entertain everyone else.


If the purpose of ambient/trance is to create a mood, Undermathic – a.k.a. Polish electronic musician Maciej Paszkiewicz – has mostly succeeded. But a few spots on the album also fall prey to the common problem of trance; that it can get either repetitive or excessively experimental.

“I Remember” in its eight-plus minutes encompasses both the highs and lows of the genre. It starts off well with a light soothing sound sweeping into a darker synth, providing a dark, contemplative mood. Later, a faster industrial track comes in, with an interesting mix of light synth and heavy beats. Then it keeps switching back and forth, very awkwardly, between the two distinctly different rhythms, with a prolonged white noise interlude that adds nothing. Both the slower and faster sections would make good tracks on their own, but mixing them is an odd move that creates confusion rather than any kind of feeling.

On “Saiph,” an odd crackling sound, static piano, and shattered glass sound effect only give the feeling that the audio equipment isn’t working. But the rest of the album is solid mood music. It opens with “Big City Nights,” a well constructed blend of light synths coming through heavy fuzz, and closes with “Sea,” a relaxing mix of soft piano, chirping birds, and building wall of synth to keep the airiness from floating away. The rich layers of sound in between elicit feelings of melancholy to elation, using warm synths and cold industrial beats, sometimes at war with excessive sound effects (like the space-age blips on “Quantum Theory”) or sudden segues in tone (the bright intermittent loops on “10:10PM” ruin the chilly mood on the rest of the tracks), but mostly a highly evocative trip through the potential of electronic music.

Track list:

  1. Big City Nights
  2. It Is Me
  3. Quantum Theory
  4. Searcher
  5. Alternative Timelines
  6. Saiph
  7. 10:10PM
  8. I Remember
  9. Level III
  10. 7 Years
  11. Sea

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