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UCNX - Generation DamagedUCNX
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Generation Damaged
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Their influences are readily apparent, but UCNX produces a solid and cohesive album that stands up to much repeated listening.



The brainchild of Philadelphia’s Douglas Sudia and New Jersey’s John Monette, UCNX has lingered under the radar of the underground for some years, making the odd blip with an EP or remix that demonstrates to those who hear it that they are an act full of electro/EBM energy and coldwave fury. With a small but effective back catalog of material released, Generation Damaged presents a definitive statement from UCNX that they are ready and raging to be heard in the electro/industrial world with their mix of pulse-pounding beats, gutturally distorted textures, and fist-pumping shouts, with a fair amount of melody thrown in for good measure.

A caustic drumbeat and acidic synth refrain begins the title track, and the album is underway leading into a slithering and ambient chorus. The vocals are sinister and seething, at times sounding like a cross between Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy and 16volt’s Eric Powell, before breaking down into a glitch-laden mélange that ends the song. Throughout Generation Damaged, there is a unique juxtaposition of industrialized distortion and guitar-esque tones with simplistic bass lines akin to the EBM styling of Combichrist, Rotersand, or even more rudimentarily Nitzer Ebb or DAF; such is the case on songs like “The Innocent” or “Dead Language,” both pulsating with just the right amount of dance floor vigor and infused with a fair share of electronic tweaks and glitches to give them a modern edge. Other songs take a much more restrained approach, such as “Consequence Brings,” which concludes the album with a slow march of guitar stabs, shouting vocals, metallic percussion, and a rising score of ambient grandeur. As well, “Absolution” moves at a strutting tempo of throbbing bass and melodic progressions reminiscent of the early works of Front Line Assembly with just a hint of ‘80s pop flair, a quality further explored on the cover of Killing Joke’s “The Last Goodbye.”

Be it the breakbeat-laden animosity of “Still” or the coldwave menace of “Preset,” UCNX leaves no stone unturned as they explore the rough edges of underground electro/industrial music, producing a cohesive album that is as much a document of the current musical climate as it is a statement of the band’s own individualism. Their influences are worn proudly on their sleeve, all coming together in a manner most bands strive for but can barely achieve. To what direction will UCNX take this mix remains to be seen, but chances are it will be something to behold when they finally produce a work that will remind listeners of only one name: UCNX.

Track list:

    1. Generation Damaged
    2. Still
    3. Overgrowth
    4. The Innocent
    5. Our Last Goodbye
    6. Absolution
    7. Preset (feat. Blayne Alexander)
    8. Dead Language
    9. Consequence Brings

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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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