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Tzolk’in - The Sixth SunTzolk’in
Category: Industrial / Experimental / Ambient
Album: The Sixth Sun
Stars: 3
Blurb: Electronics and mellow tribal rhythms trot down a well worn path.


The Sixth Sun is the fourth album from this collaboration of Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe and Gwenn Trémorin, each bringing expertise in tribal and electronic composition to the table. Taking their inspiration from the Mayan calendar, the album’s title refers to the time after the end of the fifth age that was foretold to come to a catastrophic end in December of 2012. While catastrophe did not ensue, Tzolk’in took the concept of a new beginning to heart and drew upon that concept for the album.

From the opening eerie horn blasts and bombastic hand percussion of “Toci,” Tzolk’in quickly grabs hold of the imagination and gets the mind thinking of a Stargate-like mixture of ancient culture and modern technology. “Meztli” takes things in a more mellow direction, mixing in subtle didgeridoo, sweeping synth, and slow, deliberate rhythm to build a trancelike state rather than tweaking the imagination. Herein lies much of the strength and weakness of The Sixth Sun as tracks like “Citlalicue” and “Coatlicue” are much more evocative of imagery and a feeling of an ancient and modern fusion of sound and style, but tracks like “Tlaltecuhtli” and “Centzonmimixcoa” are more of your typical droning, relaxing style that do still include splashes of the tribal influence but that don’t permeate the tracks as effectively as one would hope when compared to the album’s other tracks.

Tzolk’in’s fourth effort is a dramatic and complex dive into ambient soundscapes that successfully captures the feeling of ancient influence over modern times. That being said, the album does still occasionally suffer as the more droning tracks blend together and lose some of the unique flavor that differentiates the album from the work of artists who have come before. Tribally influenced ambient electronics aren’t anything new, but Tzolk’in definitely shows itself to be among the stronger acts out there harnessing this sound, past or present.
Track list:

  1. Toci
  2. Meztli
  3. Citlalicue
  4. Tlaltecuhtli
  5. Centzonmimixcoa
  6. Coatlicue
  7. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli

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