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Tyske Ludder - DiasporaTyske Ludder
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: Diaspora
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A pounding, epic sounding collection of songs that combine old elements of electro with newer elements.


Tyske Ludder has been around for a long time and where many of the band’s fellow electro bands have faltered or disappeared they have carried on, which brings us to their latest album Diaspora. Diaspora, which means “to be scattered,” is an album full of pulsating drums and electro sounds that recall the ‘90s and mix it together with current technology to give the listener something interesting. The songs on Diaspora are larger than life, the vocals are bright and delivered with fierce conviction, and the album moves at a steady but tiring pace. Tyske Ludder gives a lot to like here, but one could argue that some songs go on for a little longer than necessary, which could tire out the listener. However, this is not really a huge issue and may not bother most fans altogether.

Diaspora begins with “Har haBait,” which is a bit of a narration into the album segueing directly into “Tempelberg” with its fast tempo and throbbing bass line. The vocals are powerful and come kicking and screaming at you almost immediately. “Eugenix” and “Wallfahrt” continue the pace and keep the album moving rapidly until we reach “Diaspora,” a standout song, its ambient sound combined with the heavy electro synths making for a fine musical piece. “For Their Glory,” perhaps the most noteworthy song on the album, features melodic singing to go along with the growl like shouting and this is an element that would have been fantastic if used more. Ironically, it’s also actually in English, which doesn’t harm or help the song at all but sticks out among the rest. “Nur Ein Traum” has incredibly catchy electro keys and is the first real slowdown point in the album and immediately after, “Uber Euch” picks the pace right back up. Those who pick up the limited edition of Diaspora will be treated to a cover of Tilt’s “Merciless,” a well done song that sounds large and epic. However, only 888 copies were made so if at all possible, you should definitely get your hands on one.

Tyske Ludder has survived many years of an ever changing landscape in electro music and with albums like Diaspora, it’s easy to see why. Throbbing bass lines, catchy electro sounds, and fantastic, powerful vocals make this album a definite pick up for Tyske Ludder and electro fans.
Track list:

  1. Har Habait
  2. Templeberg
  3. Eugenix
  4. Wallfahrt (Betonkater Edit)
  5. Diaspora
  6. Der Androgyne Held
  7. For Their Glory
  8. Konstanzphaenomer (Blutstoerung Edit)
  9. Nur Ein Traum
  10. Ueber Euch
  11. R.A.S.S (Minus Vier)
  12. Reiscraecker
  13. Abgesang
  14. Merciless
  15. Abgsang (Northborne Remix)
  16. Maschinenstar (Minimal)

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