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Tyler Newman - ZonekillerTyler Newman
Category: Electro / Industrial / Soundtrack
Album: Zonekiller
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An immersive and dynamic soundtrack full of sci-fi atmosphere and tense action, sure to be a fine accompaniment to its corresponding film.


Almost by its very nature of creating different sounds and atmospheres, electronic music is a rather perfect accompaniment for film. As far back as the ‘60s when synthesizers were still in their infancy, they have been often utilized to augment or even completely encompass film scores and sound design. With Zonekiller, his solo album and soundtrack for the film of the same name, Tyler Newman branches out his abilities to provide a hard hitting and engrossing score to transport listeners to a realm of sci-fi and action. Since the film has yet to be completed and released, there is no way to gauge the soundtrack’s effectiveness in relation to the images it is meant to complement, leaving listeners with an instrumental experience that can only convey one facet of the story’s impact. In contrast to his work in Informatik or Battery Cage, Newman’s score offers no vocals, allowing the frenetic pace and tense rhythms to take center stage, as they do on tracks like “Armor Piercing” and “Glorious Conformity,” the latter being an especially noteworthy track for its catchy melodic bass line, alarm-like buzzes, and arrangements of lush pads and trippy metallic beats. Slower in pace but equal in intensity is “Orbital Weapons Platform” with its marching electro beat and stuttering bass evoking a heroic faceoff against some sort of mechanized foe, while the almost IDM-like layers of skittering electronics and spastic rhythms on “Grid Selector” maintain a languid anxiety that steadily builds to a heavy drumbeat and gated synths reminiscent of cEvin Key’s earlier work in Skinny Puppy. Other tracks take on a less percussive and more ambient approach, instilling a sense of scoring the more emotional aspects of the film rather than the action. “Slomo” moves with a dreamlike assortment of shining pads and static electronics befitting its title, while “Cloud Services” similarly hovers in an atmospheric haze of synths that are at once grating and soothing. As well, the glitch-laden “Digital Matrix” with its alluring arpeggio melodies, the twinkling “There’s Only One Left” reminiscent of Vangelis’ electronic scores in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and the closing “Infinite Repeat” featuring deep bass rolls and tribal-esque percussion all serve to make Zonekiller a truly immersive listen. It will be interesting to see the finished film with the score in place, but until then, Tyler Newman’s Zonekiller would make for a wonderful soundtrack to any sci-fi adventure, be it in film or even video game form.
Track list:

  1. Endless Tower Blocks
  2. Initial Visualization
  3. Armor Piercing
  4. Obsidian City
  5. Slomo
  6. Civic Television
  7. Nonlinear Zoom
  8. Clous Services
  9. Greyscale
  10. Glorious Conformity
  11. Orbital Weapons Platform
  12. Digital Matrix
  13. There’s Only One Left
  14. They Will Come Back for Us
  15. The Signal
  16. Grid Selector
  17. Infinite Repeat

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