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Tyler Milchmann - Strange DaysTyler Milchmann
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Strange Days
Stars: 3
Blurb: Dreary orchestral arrangements spliced with playful electro/industrial rhythms and strong theatrical vocals demonstrate the sheer creativity and promise this up-and-coming Ukrainian talent possesses.


Backed by a chamber ensemble and implementing genres from neo-classical to darkwave to industrial and even ambient in such a beautifully twisted and dramatic fashion attests to the notion that, yes, sometimes audacious and eclectic debut albums can be executed this well. Strange Days is nothing short of a diamond in the rough; an album that, unfortunately, is overshadowed by the slew of mainstay powerhouse releases that this wonderful year for anything remotely electronic has offered. However, it’s just a matter of time until Milchmann’s haunting operatic vocals and sorrowful strings accompanied by dreamlike synths are blaring through goth club speakers and making listeners feel like they’re in an exclusive vampire-ridden insane asylum.

The ambiguous direction that the nocturne vaudeville-esque intro steers listeners with in “Die Seltsamen Regentage” holds promises of dark, romantic, and psychological themes that are prevalent throughout the release. While most of the tracks are laced with German murmurs and frantic shouts, it’s hard to misinterpret the commands to dance in the menacing and militaristic ghost opera created in “Veiststanz.” Milchmann starts displaying his strong pillar of classically trained composition with “In Der Ukraine” as it reaches high and low emotion levels with a misleading break that can surprise even ardent listeners of the more experimental genres. “Devil is an Old Man from Radio” is perhaps the most memorable – and rightfully so – score out of the 12 tracks, criticizing the media for its proclivity to twist the truth and control the masses, all while emphasizing that its pervasiveness creates an inherent devil in anything consumed in large quantities; it’s everywhere and present inside each individual.

While the latter section of the album is filled with some decent, industrial-fused dance-heavy tracks with the Das Ich-like “Alle Kinder,” the pleasantly dissonant break to rhythmic noise in “Rauch Über Der Elbe,” and the seething darkwave chords in “Die Promenade,” it’s somewhat disappointing to hear Milchmann stray from the well executed theatrical formula explored in earlier tracks that seem to be more refined and greatly display his vocal prowess and disturbed demeanor. However, the inconsistent consistencies of a debut album are to be expected, as an act needs to test the waters before finding its niche. With that said, what this Ukrainian artist does well is leaps and bounds above his fledgling stage and he could very well be in contention with some of his predecessors once given that much needed spotlight.
Track list:

  1. Die Seltsamen Regentage
  2. Veitstanz
  3. In Der Ukraine
  4. Where the Iron Crosses Never Grow
  5. Devil is an Old Man from Radio
  6. Engel Steigen
  7. Die Reise Eines Mädchens (Aus Omas Schlafzimmer in den Freien Weltraum)
  8. Solange es Noch Warm
  9. Es Wartet der Tod auf Dem Waldpfad Geduldig
  10. Alle Kinder
  11. Rauch Über Der Elbe
  12. Die Promenade

Tyler Milchmann Website http://www.tylermilchmann.com
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