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Tylean - The Tylean CompilationTylean
Category: Gothic / Alternative
Album: The Tylean Compilation
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: With mostly free-flow piano banging and operatic vocals, The Tylean Compilation would be better experienced live than through a set of living room speakers.


Tylean’s style of music is part of that freeform piano banging and wild, operatic vocals genre that generally only appeals to women and a few eager-to-please boyfriends, the category that often includes Tori Amos and Amanda Palmer. Yes, there are men who will argue that they sincerely love chicks on pianos because they’re just so darned sexy, and yes, Tori Amos really knows how to work a piano bench. But without the visuals of an attractive woman in slutty-princess inspired costumes flailing around before a huge wooden instrument, what is left to pay attention to but the music? And if the music is sleep-inducing…

Where were we? Oh, Tylean. She has a pretty voice and she plays piano; she can even play cello. The best song on the The Tylean Compilation is, by far, “Corner of My Eye,” a menacing piece driven by intense piano and creepy lyrics sung with operatic flair. If you’d like to hear it, check out the video currently featured on the artist’s ReverbNation and YouTube pages. As powerful as the song is, it’s much more interesting with the visuals. The second strongest piece is “Music is My Lover,” just for the piano and cello parts alone. Sans the unnecessary vocals, it could be the soundtrack for a dragonfly’s journey across a sun-speckled field. The rest of the tracks on the album are typical of female vocalists with pianos. The piano is moody and mostly lacking melody with plenty of silence to punctuate the dark disposition. The vocals are slow and deliberate with plenty of variation, but like the piano, lacking true melody at most times. It’s much like experimental jazz in that way, actually.

Like other piano women before her, Tylean is a talented musician and a good singer, but as her website warns “not for the casual listener.” The Tylean Compilation is not the type of music you pop into your stereo for background noise or even the kind of thing you invite friends over to listen to. It is like jazz and abstract art, something better experienced in person and with the belief in mind that it must be truly great because so many others seem to like it.

Track list:

  1. Unsaid
  2. Feel
  3. Green
  4. Corner of My Eye
  5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  6. The Monster I’ve Become
  7. Music is My Lover
  8. Palinode

TyLean Website http://www.tylean.com
TyLean MySpace http://www.myspace.com/tylean
TyLean Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TyLean
TyLean ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/tylean
TyLean BandCamp http://tylean.bandcamp.com


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