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Troum - Mare IdiophonikaTroum
Category: Drone / Ambient
Album: Mare Idiophonika
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Quintessence of drone; will not appeal to a broad audience.


It’s difficult to assess an album such as this one. The drone genre is a highly acquired taste, and Troum’s offering is the epitome of drone. Mare Idiophonika’s accompanying press release describes it as the studio version of Troum’s live program from 2007, and is called the first part of the Power Romantic series.

Te album consists of one 46 minute main track, a continuous drone of soft deep bass and lighter synth. The brighter drone on top of the deeper sound of the bass makes for an interesting contrast. As the track progresses, the calm feel gives way to sharp whistle-like sound effects and chimes over the deep drone and a pulsing drum. An interlude of unaccompanied staccato drums and a building crescendo of dark yet airy synth gives off a more foreboding mood. After a brief silence, the hidden track emerges, a light, airy sound with a building tempo but no changes in melody.

Mare Idiophonika evokes a mood in certain spots, and is definitely doing something new, but ultimately, it is something only fans of drone will enjoy. The lack of volume and variety will likely turn off most listeners.

Track list:

  1. The Self-Playing Ocean

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